Day 4,340, 15:34 Published in Ireland Ireland by Releasethe Krakken

Face it the rl uk has entered hell and will never be released. so to escape from the daily agony and toil of being european they can in this game ebrexit.

i introduce the new ebrexit pack you can purchase for a mere 20 uk pound.

in the pack is included a no europe world map with the continent of the uk enlarged .

mini games such as exit the EU which consists of a shovel and a big hole. the contestant must dig till he is out of the eu and colonize the country he finds

and OH EU i think me be lost

and this one bojo especially enjoys no deal or no deal.

here is some british music to enjoy whilst they enjoy the occasional sun ray

Malcolm Mclaren - Double Dutch

This is Chicco with Papa Stop the war

if some music producer is around with his tape recorder to make more british music here is another sample

Thank you for letting me cash in on my music you made popular

and remember beyond a tunnel maybe another tunnel....and perhaps finally brexit 😛