Despatche #008

Day 4,340, 13:59 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Cat Sith

2.3 Annabelle "Bright Eyes" Stranger, Delta Unit, Goshawk

We arrived at a small abandoned Civ airport outside Dublin, on a Stealth Helicopter flown by a fairly green looking pilot. We climbed out and I had to control the urge to vomit it’d been such a sh*t-show of a flight. I saw both Karl and Stefan run into the dry bushes next to the airstrip to empty their stomachs. An insider posing as an ELF soldier was waiting by the small building with a Jeep. I made the Metz brothers make the exchange. Once I seen them shaking hands and giving him the large packet of Type 4s as payment for his services we left. We found backpacks with weapons, three assault rifles and four handguns, Civ clothes and Dublin Brigade uniforms for both ourselves and the ones we came for. Soon we were driving into Dublin proper. After parking a short distance outside we walked to our destination. It was a quiet night but I’d that epic sense of dread coursing through me as a fistful of Type 4’s were starting to work their magic and a light, fresh sleet blew in. I took point and followed Father’s shorthand coordinates.

We found the tunnel entrance where Father said it would be, beneath one of the bombed out buildings about half a click North of Liberty Hall. After checking there was no one about we used the master key he provided us with to enter the blast-shield doors. There was a long, steep flight of stairs leading deep down to another door. It creaked open and we put our torches away as a string of dim lights came on as we entered. After closing and locking the door we checked our packs and removed the Dublin Brigade uniforms we had been provided with. We quickly stripped out of the Civ clothes we were wearing, and put on the greyish blue army fatigues. The boys grumbled about wearing enemy clothing and there bickering echoed down the long corridor. I placed a finger over my lips, we needed to be as quiet as possible.

I took out the plans of the prison area out of my backpack. I turned my white-red pocket-light on and studied it. Father had marked the most secure area where Astrid and Grainne were likely to be held, and a route to it. I took a pistol out of my backpack and strapped it to my waist, before taking the rifle. Looking up I saw the Metz boys had done the same. "Let's go and be as quiet as you can." I whispered. They nodded and we headed off down the tunnel, our footsteps echoing on the bare concrete.

Reaching the end of the tunnel I motioned the boys to stay quiet, and carefully unlocked and opened the last door. Looking carefully around the door I could see nobody and there was no sound. I motioned to Karl and Stefan to follow me, and stepped into the corridor. A loud creaking sound rumbled up the corridor followed by a booming noise that sounded like a leaden door been slammed even deeper underground. I tested my pulse and took a breath. The boys both popped a 4 each so I followed suit. We continued on, following the directions on the map.

After some twists and turns through these bare, grim corridors we came to the area marked on the map. There was a manhole cover we’d to climb up into the Prison. Big Stefan opened it carefully and helped me up. Karl gave Stefan a lift and we both pulled him up, careful not to make a sound. I looked around for cameras and comm-links with my pocket-light. Behind us was the sewer tunnel, our egress and ahead a couple dozen meters was the Prison. I motioned to the boys to check the cells by looking through the hatch in each one. We worked our way down and found them almost at the end. They were in separate cells next to each other. Astrid looked terrible, her mouth was covered in scars. This Gráinne one was about to start thanking me before I aimed my pistol at her. I used the set of keys Father provided to let them out. They got changed into the Dublin Brigade uniforms we had brought for them silently. Astrid didn’t look that happy to see us. I was too nervous to care why, we had them. I turned to the boys to motion them ahead of us. Stefan wasn't there. "Where the hell’s your brother?" I half-whispered at Karl, trying to contain my fury. He just shrugged his shoulders, the imbecile.

"Don't move and drop your weapons!" a stern voice rang from where we entered. Karl lifted his weapon and turned towards the booming sound. A shot rang out and he dropped clutching his stomach. "I said don't move and drop your weapons!" the voice barked again. I turned towards the voice. At first I only saw Stefan with his hands behind his back unarmed. Astrid reached for my rifle and pried it loose from my arms.

2.7 Captain Joe "Jackdaw" Quigley, White Stag Unit, Rasa Blank

I glanced at my watch. Ugh, 03:00 am. Three hours into my nine hour shift and I was already bored as feck. Ratel and Claire insisted that the prisoners were to be kept under strict surveillance by Special Ops soldiers on rotating shifts. I yawned, stretched and strolled towards facilities. I relieved myself then flushed the jacks. The plumbing was effed down here and I always made this big monstrous sound, soon after. I splashed cold water on my face to wake myself up. I stared in the mirror. Oof, my eyes where all red and sunken. I certainly wasn’t getting any younger, I could see grey hairs flashing around the sides over my ears. As I moved to the door to leave I heard echoing footsteps. I carefully eased the door open a crack and peered through it. Three soldiers who I didn't recognize in Dublin Brigade uniforms were coming down the corridor. I eased the door closed and moved to one of the stalls furthest from the door, before activating my Comms. "Quigley here, in the secure prison section. Anyone send some DB support down here?" I queried the duty officer quietly. "No sir! There should only be you sir!" came the reply. Ah, sh*t, this wasn't good and they were armed too. "Notify Command immediately we have intruders. Send someone quick as they can." I barked at him. "Acknowledged. Roger that sir." came the reply before I switched the Comms off.

I leaned against the wall realizing I had left my rifle on the duty desk and only had a pistol on my waist, six bullets in the clip and one in the chamber. This was going to be tricky but if I didn't do something they would escape before help arrived. I moved back to the door and listened until they turned the corner and carefully moved into the corridor across the other side. I crept carefully along the wall until I reached the corner and poked my head around slightly They were checking the cells. The prisoners were far along just before the duty desk where my rifle lay. I noticed the taller of the two twins was taking his time walking slowly. I turned my Comm-ink on low I searched for the base radio station, hopefully someone was manning it. Yes they were! I turned it up just a touch and placed it around the corner flattening myself against the wall nearby.

He came around to inspect the noise and soon as he turned the corner I’d my pistol in his face I pulled him round the corner by his shoulder and out of their view. “One sound and you’re dead!” He was caught totally by surprise and came easily at first but he then tried to swing out a fist towards me wildly. I ducked under it and pistol-whipped across him hard in the solar plex, knocking the wind out of him. He sat down hard. I peered round the corner just in case. They were still checking cells. I pressed my gun hard against his temple “Want to try that again? Put your weapons on the floor now!” I was starting to panic but I couldn’t let it show, if the others heard us I was as good as dead. He complied slowly and I moved them to one side out of his reach. “On your stomach flat, hands behind your back.” I spat in a harsh whisper. He surprisingly obeyed, and I pulled one of the thick black cable ties I had clipped to my belt. I tied his hands tight then his elbows. He was about to scream but I flipped him over. Looking at the gun he winced in fear, expecting death. I placed a finger over my lips. “Co-operate and you’ll live, understand?” He nodded rapidly. I pulled him back up to his feet. I quickly collected his weapons, slipping his rifle over my shoulder by it’s strap and tucking his pistol in my belt, before pushing him ahead of me. “We’re going around the corner, make one sound and I’ll shoot you, not kill you, but I’ll make you wish I had, understood?” I hissed in his ear. He nodded. I took a deep breath. Okay, show time.

We moved around the corner with him in front of me as a shield. Looking past him I could see the prisoners out of their cells with the other two intruders. I dug my pistol into my shields back. "Don't move and drop your weapons!" I shouted. One of them turned, lifting his weapon in my direction. I shifted position and shot him in the stomach and he dropped to the floor with a scream. "I said don't move and drop your weapons!" I said as calm as I could.I heard the sound of weapons being dropped. I peered around my shield to check. "You understand English!?" I screamed at them. I shot into the air above them.

The infamous albino the Black Hound had re-apprehend dived for a dropped weapon and picked it up swinging it towards me. I remembered she was a sniper and ducked back behind the twin I was holding as a shot rang out. I felt the bullet breeze past me before it buried itself in the wall behind me. "Jump him!" she shouted, her words a bit garbled from Seáns cruel spiked ball gag he’d used. I pulled him towards me and backed up until I felt the wall at my back. We were at a standoff. I could hear them collecting the dropped weapons and checking on the one I had shot. "Just let us leave and you can live Joe." Grainne said sharply. "Status Jackdaw?" Ratels calm voice breezed over my Comms, sounding very nonchalant. I couldn't reply without jeopardizing myself so I sent a click over it to let them know I was alive and received one in reply. I wondered how long I could holdout here.

I pulled my shields hands up towards his shoulders to prevent him trying to use them on me, before carefully peering around his right shoulder to the others. They weren't there, they were running away, leaving a blood trail behind them leading away to the corner and around it. I breathed a sigh of relief before clipping my prisoner on the temple with my pistol. I dragged him to one of the vacant cells who's door was open and dropped him inside before closing the door. Getting the keys from the desk I locked the door. Then spoke into my Comms "Jackdaw reporting, three intruders heading towards the South-East Wing exit. They’ve released Glass Heart and the spy Gráinne Sweeney. I’ve managed to gutshot one and another is in holding cell D-6. Anyone copy, over?" I could hear the guy starting to thrash around the cell. "Copy that Jackdaw. Muis and Alex should be nearby, if you're going to follow without them be careful." Ratel responded immediately. "You going to stand there chatting or we following this blood trail." a voice barked close by. I looked up to see Muis standing a few feet away, his head cocked in my direction, his eyes switching between me and the corner the blood trail led to, a rifle gripped tightly in his hands. Alex took point and aimed his own rifle around the corner. "Clear, but it looks like someone's badly hurt." Alex said. "Yeah I shot one they'll need to carry him, that'll slow them down"

We headed off in formation around the corner following the blood trail. We soon came on the body of the intruder I shot, someone had shot him in the head. We broke into a trot, they'd be moving faster now. There were still drops of blood to follow, we were heading deeper underground. The reinforced steel door to the sewers was wide open. How’d they manage to open it? I was moving ahead of the other two determined to catch them now. We passed another door with a key in it and I stopped just past it. Opening it I found a dimly lit tunnel with earthen walls. We had found out how they got in, but the blood drops had stopped here.

"They'll have to come back to it to get out. We should set a trap here." Alex said, shining his bright torch at to total darkness of the tunnel beyond. "If we block the tunnel they'll have to find another way out, and the only way out is up which can be easily closed off. I’ve got some Semtex which might do the trick." Muis said. "Where the hell did you get some at this time of night?!" I asked, perplexed. "Just some left over from a mission I kept as I thought it might come in handy." he said with a grin. He had it wedged between two claymores. I started to ask where he kept it up until now and then changed my mind, I didn't want to know. These Chance guys were effin’ crazy. He placed the explosives against the wall of the tunnel and set the timer, before closing the door. I managed to snatch the key before we ran for it. We backed even further off down the corridor just in case. Muis seemed adamant to stand as close as possible. The explosion tore the door off its hinges. Muis smiled like a schoolboy. After the dust settled we could see the tunnel was completely blocked. I activated my Comms "Seal off the Prison area, we've blocked their exit point." I said. "Roger!" Ratel responded sharply. "More support incoming, keep this channel closed. We don’t want to cause a panic. Watch yourselves down there boys." It had to be my shift, just my &%#in’ poxy luck.

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