[MoF] Budget for October 2019

Day 4,339, 08:14 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Ministerie van Economische Zak

Greetings, citizens of Netherlands,

we bring you a short overview of the budget for this month. More details, as usual, can be found in the Finance Sheet.

The budget for this month is 774 610 currency and 545 Gold, based on the income from previous month. The income can be divided into following categories:

- Tax income: Adding all taxes combined together, our tax income last month has been 375 036 currency + 95 Gold from Congress and CP Tax.
- Donations: 24 cc have been received as a donation to Treasury.
- Concession payment: The concession payment was 400 000 currency.
- Monetary Market gains: MG was able to earn 450 Gold on Monetary Market.

The graphical development of our budget and its individual parts for year 2019 can be found below. Note that the Gold income of 545 Gold is not added there, however it would increase the total tax income by approximately 285 000 currency, pushing it over one million.

Minister of Finance

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