Farewell, my friends! Erepublik doesn't want new players.

Day 4,339, 07:38 Published in Romania Greece by Romanul.

I just wanted to announce that even though I'm In love with this game and I think It's awesome, the game masters simply force new players like me to leave.

I wanna start with a brief introduction into my short journey in this:
I have played this years ago for like a week and completely forget about it. One day(8 august this year to be precise) I was looking for strategy games online when i bumped into erepublik again. I created an account and immediately got hooked. After only two weeks I started buying packs and stuff like crazy. Some of the purchases were useless for a new player like me, but I didin't know what I was doing. I just fell in love with the game.

In a short time the romanian community invited me to their private chats and then I was simply addicted. Started to spend a lot of time in the game, spending money and really enjoying the experience.

I had to make a decision. While everybody was telling me "Buy an account, you can't do nothing with a new one" I decided to go with my own account and do as much as I can with my own freaking hands.
Everything was alright, I was finally starting to understand more and more about the game and I was simply hooked.

After a while someone told me about the "influence penalty on new accounts".

I was explained by some community members that erepublik did this to prevent players from creating bots and cheat to get an edge in the air rounds.
I was ok with that. I thought I just have to play for a little while so the staff can see I'm not a bot. I'VE NEVER BEEN SO WRONG.

Here's where all goes down the drain...
I wrote 3 tickets to the Support and the answers were disgusting:
The summary of the answers is: yes, you do have influence penalty because your account is created after a certain date and NO, we don't have any information about when or if your penalty will be lifted.
This article was already deleted once so i m not gonna post the pics again.if you're curious,leave me a message.
I covered id’s and names but still got deleted. NO FP or message yet on why.

I have now words after these responses, but I'm not going to invest any more money in a game that I'm not allowed TO COUNT!

Wanna know why this game is dying? It's not because the game sucks, It's not because the game is boring,it's not even because the idiotic system of strenght training and the huge gap that discourages new players to come in.
The reason is simple: The game developers just gave up on thi game.
They couldn't even provide with a certain date In which my influence penalty would be lifted. NOTHING.

What's left for a new player like me? Ground battles are a big NO NO and now I'm not allowed to count in air battles...
I love this game and I didn't wanted to leave. The community is awesome. I got helped a lot and many people wanted to spend a bit of their time to explain to me the game mechanics.

Unfortunately, the useless administrators decided that I shouldn't be allowed to play the game...
I will still be online until my last pack expires, which is in aproximatively 27 days(It's my way of saying "and i really loved this game") and then I'm off.

Farewell, my friends! It was a short but beautiful journey. 🙂

UPDATE: still no FP or reason for deleting my first article.