My Tycoon mission

Day 4,339, 00:15 Published in USA Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) by Elmo the Great

First thank you all for the comments on my first Senior Journalist mission. 😃

Become a Tycoon
Description: You are an experienced citizen, you are now ready to make your first steps toward becoming a powerful tycoon.
Conditions: Assign 10 employees in the production process in the same day,,
Rewards: 4,000 House Raws
Thanks to this article that describes all mission rewards. I don't have companies that gives a good output so I didn't want to hire 10 employees. I decided to finish the Tycoon mission today by paying 9 gold. House Raws are 249cc per 100 pieces nowadays so 4,000 of them are about 20 gold. Easy mission. 😉

Two major friends of me.

Two more articles are needed for finishing my Senior Journalist mission. I hope this will get 25 comments thanks to my readers. Will it?