Bot farms are 2019, welcome to 2020

Day 4,324, 08:31 Published in Latvia Latvia by AunsxOM


We have entered a new era in eRepublik which requires countries to act on every slightest advantage they can to gain advantage on the battlefield. MPPs got replaced by alliance-wide TW orgies, Legend ranks and bonuses forced countries into helping others via AirStrikes or air rounds, leaving destiny of ground rounds in their own hands, BH farming has become the backbone of military potential, and dropping active citizen numbers are forcing community leaders and top VISA players to build the so called “bot farms”.

The days of eRepublik that, as Alexis Bonte himself stated, “is designed so that you can play it just 15 minutes a day”(0:52 minute mark), are clearly over, nowadays it takes 15 minutes just to empty your food fights if you have Blitzkrieg Pack.

Staying competitive requires a lot of time, and the problem with account automation is that, well… it is illegal. Many accounts and even farms has been banned recently, leaving their owners furious and in disbelief, that the accounts of their family members were banned, while family member accounts of the other side have not been banned.

Luckily for you, I am certified attorney in eRepublik laws, and I believe I have found some loopholes that will not only leave admins powerless against your extended family members, but also help you out with farming a ton of gold, something which todays scripts, at least publicly available, are incapable of doing efficiently.

Lets leave bot farms in 2019!
Welcome, to eRepublik 2020!
Without any further ado, here is my proposal.

Employing people from third world countries to run your accounts.

!!! Now, please hear me out before you hit Report button, this is a great all around solution and everyone wins here !!!

How it works?

Step one

It takes two clicks to open list of people living under poverty line(one if you use eRepublik Stuff++, zero if you employ the strategy that I will further reveal).

Step two

Look at countries that has high percentage of population living under 1.9$ per day, and establish a network in that country, your goal here is to find people, who would find offer to farm you BH medals for a month attractive.

Step three

No more wasting time on medal farming, as we all know, eRepublik is one of the few games you are willing to pay money to play less. No more stress about bans, because your extended family now are real players. If you want to be cheap, you can swap out 15 EUR cost for Blitzkrieg pack with the same cost of such employee, or, if you like to be goal driven employer, you can offer 1.5 cents for each BH medal and set a 1000 BH target for the month. And the best thing is, you are helping someone in need, of course it comes with a risk that your local authorities might think you are waging a tribal war in Rwanda, but, I mean, we all know eRepublik is worth such risk!

In the conclusion

I am really happy to share this innovation with you. I know, some of you will laugh about this, but you did that also when I introduced medal reservation, now everyone does that. This is not only great solution for game wide problem, but also great solution for the ones in need. So feel free to nominate me for Nobel prize in category which you feel I deserve the most.

Thank you for your time.

Best regards,
Certified attorney in eRepublik laws