Stillwater Group’s Capital Markets Day Stockholm 27 September 2019

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Stillwater Group’s Capital Markets Day Stockholm 27 September 2019

CEO, Alexis Bonteparte was calm and spoke with a clear voice to the small group of investors, businessmen and prominent leaders from The New World sitting around the table in the shady lit room.
You have all seen the pictures from the satellites and you have read the intelligence gathered from Asteria HQ and CODE HQ and you have reviewed the bank statements from last 24 months of PACK-sales.

Yes, said Mr Sandstrom a Swede who represented the old investment bank Carnegie. This is not what we expected, we need the revenue to increase and we need it now otherwise we will feed you to the sandworms Alexis. And that is not a threat, it’s a promise, he finished.

Alexis had expected that the Swede would speak out but perhaps not in such harsh tone. Still he kept his calm and continued with his plan.
As you can see from the material our revenue has under performed compared to our guidance. We have identified the problem as the change of balance between the main alliances Asteria and CODE where the former has weakened in a faster pace than projected, Alexis pointed to a table in in Appendix 3.
As you see in these satellite images a lot of Asterian Tanks are inactive. Alexis Bonaparte pointed at fuel deposit stations and tank lorries. We have seen a significant decline in both movement and fuel consumption.

If it continues like this I will be forced to sack over 500 employees from my tank factories Alexis. The increased sales in Turkey and Greece can’t make up for the losses. That will be fathers who no longer can support for their families said Marcel the Great, a business tycoon from USA. 500 Alexis! You need to fix this now!

We have tried with everything, haven’t we already said George Lemnaroom who admitted he hadn’t read all the documentation from the last 5-10 years or so. We have sent Viking Ragnars to both Sweden and Italy with activation instructions, haven’t we?

Please stop it George said Alexis, Italy was wiped and Sweden.. where shall I start, Sweden has zzzingo.
George leaned back again and remained silent.

What about infrastructure? It was Kristine from China who spoke representing Ming-Dragon Ltd. We have problems with infrastructure in China. She pointed at an airbase outside Shenzen, you see all those airplanes, you see the pilots over there?
Yes, impressive! Said Marcel exited, I don’t know how you do it!?
Well continued Kristine, those are not real they are made of terracotta. We have them here, and here and here, she pointed at several positions all over China.
We need better infrastructure, the only way for citizens to arrive here is through advanced tunnel systems. Help us solve that Alexis?

Alexis Bonteparte looked at Kristine, I have suspected they are terracotta and we are aware of the specific problems China has. Unfortunately we can’t solve them ourselves, we do however support a local initiative in Hong Kong and hopefully that can lead to a lot more passengers in and out from China so that you can replace those terracottas.
As for general infrastructure I will give the word to Razvan, some of you remember him after an article September 2nd 2008 reaching international status after WW1 between Romania and Hungary, I think Misho wrote it?

Razvan once a programmer in Geektown describing the problems with Bus-line 404 had now advanced and was CTO of FTP a huge transportation company handling all sorts of communications for the daily eRepublicans in the New World.

Thank you Alexis, begun Razvan. Are you familiar with the train station? Some get stuck there in the matrix between desktop and mobile and we are now trying to solve transportation between different eRep Labs product Cities by using hyperloop technology. If all goes well you will be able to work in one platform, sleep in another, fight in a third and, Razvan smiled, get your salary paid out in a forth one. We could see an increase in world population if the hyperloop project goes well. I believe we can replace 404 with 420, right Alexis?

Alexis nodded, correct, funding secured.

A murmur sound could hear from group as they both tried to digest the new information Razvan had brought to them and in the same time trying to say something that made sense. The first one to really raise his voice was the Prime Minister of Iran, Emran Irani.

Iran can’t wait for hyperloop! Iran is wiped!
I has plan plan for Iran!
Emran Irani stood up.
Big plan he smiled and while he took up his wallet and pulled out a MasterCard Gold. Iran will buy 50 packs, funding secured!
We break loose. Big war. Tanks will role again. USA will need tanks and send them to Iran. Just like before Marcel, just like before..

No! We must find another way than war protested Kai Peacenik from Laurenus one of the main owners, we must find a peaceful solution. Peace means prosperity!

Gentlemen, gentlemen, gentlemen, Alexis started over again.

The point is, ladies and gentleman, that war, for lack of a better word, is good. War is right, war works. War clarifies, cuts through, and captures the essence of the evolutionary spirit. War, in all of its forms; war for life, for money, for love, knowledge has marked the upward surge of mankind. And war, you mark my words, will not only save Stillwater Ltd, but that other malfunctioning corporation called Sweden.

I will make changes to the Ambassador program, what have they done? Promote peace. Marcel knows that peace leads to poverty, not progress! We will introduce the Assasinator program, Plato backed Hitmen with one task; breed war, fuel war, they are our scentinels!
We shall once again interfere in the balance between Asteria and CODE and this time we will activate our Agents! We shall storm the New World. You need war, I shall give you war!

Alexis Bonteparte, CEO, Stillwater Ltd

Everyone in the room was silent and digested what Mr Bonteparte had said. Kai Peacenik from Laurenus looked at Sandstrom from Carnegie, he nodded. Kai spoke, well then Alexis activate the Agents, give us war. Meeting is over.

Alexis Bonteparte took Radzvan to the side and whispered.
- We need Agent47, Misho.
- But he is not an Ambassador Alexis?
- But auditors will find the Ambassador file in Wikipedia, he is not in it!
- Use your powers Radzvan and send him instructions. We need his Military unit. Make them ready for war and activate other Agents!

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