[MoD] The Green Beret - Week 30

Day 4,319, 07:24 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Ministerie van Defensie

Citizens of the Netherlands,

With another week, we are bringing you week 30 of The Green Beret.

To summarize the new rules

1. Each month there will be a pool of 1000 Q7 Weapons + 100 000 CC. This means - without private donations - that one week has a reward pool of 500 Q7 weapons, followed by a week of 50 000 cc, and so on.

2. Dutch soldiers achieving at least 500 000 000 million ground damage a week will be eligible and can claim payment in either Q7 Tanks OR CC (depending on the week) by commenting below this article.

3. Those that achieved Legend-rank will be capped at 5 billion damage a week.

This week, 5 players managed to make enough damage on the ground and can therefore claim the following rewards within the comment section of this article:


Minister of Defence