History of eBulgaria with balls Part 2 Day 218-279

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Hello Canadian friends and other foreigners,
This article is based on the eRepublik wiki , memories of Bimba , original article and my humble Photoshop skills.

Day 217 ( 07/24/08 ) Babyboom by Bulgarian Hattrick community
Day 221 ( 07/01/08 ) 8th Presidential Elections Held - KARDAM2008 Elected
Day 231 ( 07/11/08 ) Inflation in eRepublik has been implemented. It would help Presidents determine taxes.
Day 238 ( 07/15/08 ) Congress of Turkey rejects the first proposal of selcuk1907 about war with Greece
Day 242 ( 07/19/08 ) Turkish President selcuk1907 for the second time proposes war on Greece .
Day 243 ( 07/20/08 ) This time, congress also accepts Turkey declares war on Greece - The first Balkan war begins. Turkey and Bulgaria go to war because Bulgaria has an active MPP with Greece and shares a border with Turkey .
Day 244 ( 07/21/08 ) Turkey and Bulgaria sign a peace agreement.
The first battles took place in the First Balkan War .
Day 245 ( 07/22/08 ) The First Balkan War is underway - Macedonia and Crete were attacked by Turkey .
Day 255 ( 08/01/08 ) The 9th Presidential Elections in Bulgaria were held. They are won by Krembo with 46 votes.
Day 256 ( 08/02/08 ) Ends The First Balkan War, reported as Bloodiest War back then in eRepulik.

part 2 - June 24-25, 2008 (day 217 - day 279)

Quote from Bimba's Memories, translated and illustrated by me.

"During the term of Jonh Wilkmot (The Canadian) there were rumors (quite plausible) that our government wanted to make a deal with eRomania in which the regions bordering eRomania and eTurkey - Varna and Burgas could be "sold" to eRomania to attack eTurkey, because they were not in an ideal relationship. eRomania gave us an offer, which sounded like ultimatum for free pass (as Imaginapolis comments under the first article) (here's the comment from Imaginapolis: "By the way, even then the Romanians tried to play their cards. They sent a letter to John Wilkmot urging us to voluntarily give them Varna and Burgas (access to Turkey) so that they do not take them forcibly. "😉 This has not been formally confirmed, but fortunately, it didn't work either. eRomania showed her aggressive face hidden so far behind a two-faced smile.

24.06.2008 will be remembered as a big date in the history of eBulgaria. On this date, the heart of the Hettrick band joined the game. Immediately after their intervention, there was a huge increase in activity in eBulgaria. Kardam supported the new wave of players (BGN 100 per person). Hettrick Holding and the BDP formed, the party surpassed all other members, led by our former president and party founder, Krembo. It was evident that this would be the new political force in eBulgaria. Conversations between foreigners and Bulgarians began to become more normal. Politically, the plans were for the BDP to share power with the BSP and to continue its good relations with foreigners. In the next election, it was agreed that the President of the country would become Kardam of the BSP again, as a person with more experience in the game, and the congress to be equal. Our international relations had to be developed beyond our neighborhood MPPs and the economy went to a positive direction.

Economically, things were not pink, but progress was our prime goal. Regardless of the party's name, methods for improving the situation could be described as left-leaning, but there was no other way out. After the election, there was little dissatisfaction with President Kardam's activity, and occasionally sparks transmitted, but the disputes simply spoke of a normal competition that had previously been impossible.

Towards the end of Kardam's term, tensions along our southern border began to increase. Relations between eTurkey and eGreece have been deteriorating, insulting on both sides, challenges and accusations. Greece had its own Goons, a group that, according to someone, contributed not only to eGreece, which were the main reason for the escalation. This group later turned out to be not so black, they just played eRepublik differently. We've never had problems with them, they've had a great organization and even been a useful ally.
eBulgaria tried not to occupy a country and announced that it would not support attacking actions on either side, but if reached, it would protect the attacked party through the existing MPPs.

The war started early in the morning. eTurkey was the attacking side. This was an ideal opportunity for eRomania (having an MPP with Greece) to fight against Turkey and strongly supported eGreece. However, the surprise for everyone was another - eBulgaria also had to defend itself from eTurkey without active MPPs! According to the rules, a country with an MPP with two countries at war and bordering on one of them is automatically declared war by an attacker in which the MPPs are not active. It turned out that the only way out was to end our MPP with Greece (or the country to be invaded). eTurkey was also surprised, but did not announce its intention to fight us. In the coming days of the so-called Balkan War, the Admins returned our MPPs for a period of time and then deactivated them again. Apparently they weren't sure how they should do either.

Wikipedia only explained that the country enters war automatically, not a word about MPPs. The news from eTurkey was ambiguous, some supported the offensive against us, others not. Topics in defense of eBulgaria and the return of our MPP were opened in the game forum and had international support. eBulgaria had two won battles before the president of eTurkey became aware and sent a peace proposal. Our ICC with Greece remained inactive for the entire war ended with the peace declared by eTurkey leaving Greece with one region. eRomania still allows itself to claim that they have protected us from eTurkey, which is completely false in view of the fact that their army was concentrated in Greece and could not fight without our active support in our country. The troops were not transferred to our country because they would leave Greece without protection. They may just have wished or dreamed that there were eRomanian soldiers on our territory. This was used as an argument by them in our differences in the future.

At the end of Kardam's term, it was decided that the BDP could already take the country's politics seriously, started developing election programs and preparing for the elections. Krembo was elected president and BDP had a majority in Congress. Foreigners in eBulgaria have remained less and less aware that the BDP is taking power and Bulgarians are becoming more numerous.
During the term of Krembo, eBulgaria started to rise. Numerous important institutions have been set up to this day. Ministers responsible for the various activities were appointed. Active work has been started to collect the country's gold reserve. The market was booming and exports were rising. Various approaches were taken to stimulate workers and at the same time replenish the treasury. The BNB was created and our currency stabilized. Our social policy was presented through the National Health System and the free health promotion of new players. In response to all that was done and the country's stability, Krembo was re-elected president. The census of the army began, a state reserve for weapons and gifts was created and the mobile platoon Balkan platoon. Besides the boom in the economy, there was a great boom in our international relations.
eBulgaria was about to launch a union that no one had considered possible so far ... "

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