The Department of Education is back in business

Day 4,318, 10:44 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Swiss Dep. of Education

Before we begin, we would like to thank Former CP chris jonadicus for all he did to heal our land and as a Department specifically, we thank him for all he did to get us our department's official communication credentials.

Fellow citizens, as the government of the honorable CP Vincent gets underway, the Ministry of Education is pleased to announce the following bookkeeping for its fellow citizens.

The Constitution

Under Vincent 's leadership, the constitution will be respected and enforced and as such, the Ministry of Education asks of our fellow citizens to please read and understand the rule of law that will govern us so long as this government exists. Please familiar with the rule of law by studying the following link: Constituition


As you all know we are currently in Aegis. This alliance is not as active as it should be. The government is currently in talks to join a different alliance. Once a decision is made, the Ministry of Education will be advertising it. The Congress will also have a say in the matter as we are a co-equal branch of government.

Food and Weapons Giveaway program

This government believes in a stronger eNation. As such, we are instituting a new program for new players (those under the level of 40) to join such program and benefit from it. In order to join the program, a participant would have to apply to the program through a form the government will soon release. Expect such form within 24 hours in the Congress page.


Being a member of parliament is a great honor and responsibility. This is especially true in time of danger. You should know, our land is currently under a PTO attack and no one should be accepting any citizenship applications without a prior approval of a citizenship committee.
President Vincent has instructed the Party Presidents of the top 4 parties to nominate such a representative.

Citizenship Committee

The members are:

Tim Buctu
Iviz Fer
Daree III
Terry Benedict
Vincent Rekdal

The Government thank the committee which has already approved the request of 2 great citizenship requests and more are incoming soon.

Training War

President Vincent 's government is working hard to secure TW agreements with allies. Further details are incoming as negotiations are completed.

The State of the Economy

It is the stated goal of the CP that every citizen benefit from the policies of our government. As such, Governor Azeliia created a poll for everyone to participate in so we can propose the most favorable laws to the land. If you have not participated in the poll yet, please do so as soon as possible. Here is the link: Poll on the Economy

The Cabinet

It is an honor of a lifetime to serve in a cabinet especially one that respects the constitution and the people it was elected to lead. Here are the people the CP nominated for his cabinet.

President: Vincent Rekdal

Prime Minister: Tim Buctu

Minister of Defense: thrakiwths55

Minister of Foreign Affairs: Liakouris

Governor: Azeliia

Minister of Education: Tef1

Special Advisor 1: Akane Kawahara

Special Advisor 2: JulienLuc


Please fill out the form below for food and weapon giveaways. Thank you.

Link to the form:

Swiss here, Swiss there, Swiss everywhere.
Minister of Education