[MoF] from ambassadors to finances. (the return!)

Day 4,317, 13:12 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Swiss Dep. of Finance

Dear swiss people and friends, hello.

Today, one of the oldest swiss pages+newspapers of the swiss dep. of finance has been restored/re-activated.

It was a long time ago, when the old swiss minister of foreign affairs (MoFA), mr Arschmann, first created this newspaper and started writting on day 932, about swiss ambassadors, foreign embassies in e-switzerland, diplomacy tactics, wars and NE's.

and then, from the german-dominating language of the bilingual articles that flooded the first years of this newspapers (and the organizations) existence, it eventually changed from the subject of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA), into a more refreshed+reorganized newspaper which posted most of its articles in english, and it focused on swiss diplomacy, but on a more comprehensive and functional manner.

This next era, was the ''organized era'' of this old newspaper, and it started on day 2212, when the then MoFA, mr Thedillpickl decided to revive and to restructure this abandoned newspaper+profile into a more simple, organized and compehensive medium of information, focusing on more organized articles, full of vital information of swiss diplomatic events, quick tips, and in articles that would be written in english for the most part.
Mr Thedillpickl was a good person and an old legend of e-switzerland, who tried to revive this old page+newspaper.

Later on, something great happened : the Swiss National Army (SNA) was born on day 2303, and from that point and onwards, it would help our country in fighting crucial battles, training new swiss players (of the 1st and 2nd divisions) so that they can improve their stats+strength, and to also be a barricade against foreign invasions.

this is the link of the old MU, Swiss National Army (SNA) h:

as you can see, it later got taken by various people, and it is now called the ''Swiss Air Force'', which was a new transformation of the old MU, so that switzerland can integrate+train new players for the (then) new ''aviator'' mechanism: you see, air battles and aerial ranks were introduced to the game back on day 3165, and switzerland wanted to stay updated +strong during this new change, so its safe to assume that the Swiss National Army (SNA), later changed into the ''Swiss Air Force'' (SAF), on day 3165+, for those aforementioned purposes of vigilance, strength and preparation.

But i digress: for THIS newspaper, the affairs+news of the Swiss National Army (SNA) MU, started being recorded on day 2302, and it lasted until day 2598, when the MU's news+posts stopped being updated anymore.

This one, was the ''Swiss National Army (SNA)'' MU's-era.

After a long period of silence, some people eventually reorganized this old newspaper (again!), and it eventually became what it is now, (a newspaper about the Swiss Dep. of Finances), on day 2913, and this new progressive change happened by no other than the LEGENDARY swiss hero mungos032, who, along with the ALSO LEGENDARY rican revived this old institution and made it better, different and more refined, while the organization+its newspaper would now focus on swiss finances and on treasury reports from now on.
(a noble plan about swiss economics, training/tickets/food suggestions for the game, swiss transparency on budget reports, and various other fields in regards to our states economy+growth)

After that, our old CP, mr joseph rich, posted his articles in this institution frequently, and he founded our old swiss forums, ''the helvetica boards'', which helped in our better coordination.

(the period from day 2913 and until day 3770 was the ''mungos+rican revival era'' of this institution.)

Long story short, from day 2913 and until day 3770, this page+newspaper saw a steady stream of articles, economic guides for new players, and various events, contests, silences and revivals, and while it was active, it eventually got silenced from day 3771, until a short revival on day 4063, where mr emperor tried to keep it alive, but it eventually remained silent and stationary for 254 more days, until it would get included on my agenda for the ''revival of old swiss organizations+newspapers'', which i started doing during my CP tenure.

i, chris jonadicus have gladly revived+restored this legendary MoF newspaper+organization, and i am very proud for my good work+actions, while im also very thankful for the friendly cooperation of our current CP Vincent, in this subject.

Here we go, i hope that this time, this newspaper+organization will be fully revived and protected for future generations of players to come!
Swiss here, Swiss there, Swiss everywhere!

-chris jonadicus, restorer of old swiss orgs+newspapers, and former CP.