Swiss Dep. of Education: we are BACK!

Day 4,317, 12:14 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Swiss Dep. of Education

Dear swiss people and friends, hello.

Today, one of the oldest swiss pages+newspapers of the swiss dep. of education has been restored/re-activated.

This glorious newspaper from the swiss department of education was founded on day 835, and it kept posting continuously about the new events, contests, and situations of the swiss state, in regards of events, baby boom actions, helpful guide articles, on raffles, weapon+food giveaways, and into helping new e-swiss players through various initiatives and creative help programs.

it was here where our ''swiss air army'' was first formed, and where our numerous ministers of education tried to help our country in the best way possible, while they were also trying to inform us about the news+happenings+wars of e-switzerland, as much as possible.

But suddenly, from day 3774 and onwards...
...this glorious national newspaper+page has remained silent, unused and forgotten.

So, while i was in the final week of my CP tenure, i tried to locate, to restore and to re-instate our long lost swiss organizations.

This was one of them.

NOW our MoED's can finally write articles directly from the ministry of educations and to inform the masses (more) efficiently!

Plus, its really cool to have our old national newspaper+page up and running again, dont you think?

This is one step in many for the restoration of our old e-swiss e-history.
Lets keep this place active, organized and properly revived!
Swiss here, Swiss there, Swiss everywhere!

PS: This article +restoration was brought to you by chris jonadicus, who was the previous swiss CP, and a big supporter of reviving old swiss orgs.
I also would like to thank mr Vincent, our current swiss CP for his friendly cooperation on this big plan.