eUK Gov: PTOers Elections and The Month Ahead

Day 4,317, 04:26 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by eUK Home Office

Hello eUK,

This is a brief statement from His Majesty's Government on the current state of affairs. Please disregard all other information provided in other news outlets unless they are verified by us.

PP Elections

Today is Party President Election Day and we have some very bad people trying to gain power by nefarious means. These people are trying to engineer a political take over or PTO and are lead by Jeremy Corbyn.

The Government has spoken at length with Jeremy about implementing some of his ideas across the country and we believed talks to be proceeding well. He had even agreed to take up a role within in Government.

This has now been withdrawn and our MoFAhas been able to confirm that Jeremy is acting on behalf of an outside power. Whilst I cannot yet reveal the identity of this Nation it is fair to say that their only goal is to install Jeremy as their puppet. Information presented to us has also suggested he is being rewarded handsomely for this.



Please use your vote carefully and avoid the following candidates as they are all under the pay of Jezza.

TUP: Jeremy Corbyn
UKRP: Smallman
PCP :Farage
Anti Take over Party. Groot
Insert Name here Party: Roshchild

If you are in any doubt please contact a member of Government and we will advise on which candidates are untouched by Jezza.

The Month Ahead

This Government is here to serve you and only you. We are caretakers looking to stop a sinking ship and hand it on to the next leader in a healthy state. We are not the plaything of some foreign superpower and will only deal with them on our terms.

We seek to reinvigorate the country that once held great influence across the eWorld. To do this we need your help in exposing all those amongst us who seek to destabilise the status quo for their own personal gain or that of another eNation.

If you suspect someone of being a foreign sleeper agent please report them as soon as possible to this government. They will then be added to the list which will be published at the end of every Government article.

I urge all those who have association with the members of the list to contact the Government and cease communication with them immediately as you too may also be added to the list. Members of the list will have their liberties limited as much as is possible by this government.

Our goals for the coming month:

Expel the PTOers

Take on a leading role within an alliance

Restore all areas of the Nation

Expand our borders

Ensure the top 5 parties are not run by members of the list

I am your servant,


Prime Minister
Minister of Truth