[Answer to our Fans] How to be a beta male (even in games)

Day 4,314, 06:12 Published in Croatia Italy by Warbringer Ivarr DC
1) Repair printers for a living

2) Dwell in your mother's basement

3) Find a Croatian girlfriend and buy her love and respect with erep packs, then send her to defend you (ahah are you serious, is this a game or?)

4) Ask your mother her retirement check to pay for those packs

5) Get a present from your parents for Christmas

6) Use that present to buy Ikki (and think that this transform you from shitstorm in Ikki)

7) Change community pretending you dont like italian one when the truth is italians did never appreciate you at all (all of them, not only DC family ofc)

here we have last snapped picture of ikki on battlefield :

stay tuned for next epidsodes...