Conan Drums

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Conan Drums are drums Conan the Barbarian bought which probably would be a conundrum as other barbarians might snicker behind conans back at him for taking up drumming and toning down on his normal hobbies of slaying foes and consuming massive amounts of beer and food.

Anyways the rabbot of caerbannog poses a weird conan drum.

Basically a farmer from India have 2 wolfs a bad wolf and a for a lack of a better word a good wolf. Which poses the question if wolves were placed on this earth as predators to kill other critters is a good wolf one who excelles at killing or is a good wolf a wolf we bestow laudable human characteristics on.

Secondly if we turn the bad wolf into a vegan and feed the good wolf the rabbit of caerbannog which wolf is the good wolf.

Because of this:

the Cave of Caerbannog is the home of the Legendary Black Beast of Arrrghhh (named for the last utterance of anyone who ever saw it). This is guarded by a monster which is initially unknown. King Arthur (Graham Chapman) and his knights are led to the cave by Tim the Enchanter (John Cleese) and find that they must face its guardian beast. Tim verbally paints a picture of a terrible monster with "nasty, big, pointy teeth!", so terrifying that Sir Robin (Eric Idle) soils his armour at the mere description. When the guardian appears to be an innocuous white rabbit, surrounded by the bones of the fallen, Arthur and his knights no longer take it seriously. Ignoring Tim's warnings ("a vicious streak a mile wide!"), King Arthur orders Bors (Terry Gilliam) to chop the rabbit's head off. Bors confidently approaches it, sword drawn, and is immediately decapitated by the rabbit biting clean through his neck, to the sound of a can opener. Despite their initial shock, Sir Robin soiling his armor again, and Tim's loud scoffing, the knights attack in force, but the rabbit injures several of the knights and kills Gawain and Ector with ease. The knights themselves have no hope of killing or injuring the rabbit. Arthur panics and shouts for the knights to retreat ("Run away!"). Knowing they cannot risk attacking again, they try to find another way to defeat the beast. The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch is ultimately used to kill the rabbit and allow the quest to proceed.

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