[EAS] Aviator's Guide

Day 4,298, 04:05 Published in Cuba Portugal by Miguel Soprano

Hello, to help aviators and new players around the world, the Elite Air Squad presents the following guide with all you need to know about this area.

Air battles have been gaining a very important role in wars because there is no legends influence in these rounds.

And while Plato doesn’t give us the training grounds for Perception, a sort of "strength" for airmen, the most important thing for an airmen is the rank. In other words, what determines the damage you do in air battle is your air rank, and that's where you’ll need to focus your efforts, increasing your rank.

The truth is that new players, and even returning players, have no chance in Ground Battles.

The only alternative for these players when it comes to the military aspect of the game is aerial rounds.

But do not think it will be easy, all countries have realized this and are betting more and more on it, so it takes a lot of persistence and dedication (and €€€).

eGovernment projects

There are many countries with good projects that support and encourage a “career” on the air.

I recommend that you try to find out the best place to establish and sign up for these programs, contact government members of these countries to clear your questions.


We suggest that at least houses Q1 and Q2 are always active, +130 energy are added to your energy pool, as well as +4 regeneration every 6 minutes. Besides, these are houses that pay for themselves with their overtime work.

But if you can afford the remaining houses, Q3, Q4 and Q5, even better. However, it is an expensive strategy but if you are willing to do so you will have 580 additional energy pool or 1160 when at full energy. And that extra energy means more air rank for you if you use it properly.


The residence issue has two aspects which should be discussed.

On the one hand, if you have an established residence in a region, you get more +50 energy pool and +2 regeneration from the Central Park, as well as more durability to activated houses (depending on the city it can go from 10% to 20%. For example, a house give you 168 hours, but if you activate it in a city with a + 20% durability bonus you earn more 33 hours in that house.

On the other hand the disadvantage is that the houses cannot be “paused”, that is, from the moment they are activated they start counting the 168 hours (plus the residence bonus depending on the city you have chosen to establish residence) of duration of the house .

While players without residence can pause and re-activate them as they please, although they will not receive any durability bonuses from the cities, they are left with only 168 hours and the option to pause them.

Another important thing to notice is that once you established residence, you cannot go back and return to a nomad status.

Missiles and Missile Factories

They are useless. Do not spend anything on these weapons or factories. It is not worth producing or using these weapons, as their cost does not compensate for the damage they cause, besides their durability is only one use.

Energy Centers

It is very important to have all energy centers available, there are two that can be purchased with gold and which add permanent energy to our energy pool. One that gives you +50 energy pool and costs 99 gold, and another that gives you +100 energy pool, which costs 199 gold. They are expensive but they pay off.

Please note that Black Friday is coming, and the energy centers price may be reduced significantly, so it is recommended to wait a few more days if you’re planning to buy them.

Also remember that these energy centers can be purchased with Loyalty Points (LP), so for those who buy packs you can use these LP's to exchange for free energy centers.


About the food there are two strategies, both valid one is to be self-sufficient in food production. If you choose this strategy, it is suggested that you save some gold to buy some Q1 food factories on Black Friday as companies price goes down, so it is not worth buying now.

The other strategy is not to waste any energy on food production and buy your food, and to use that energy in air rounds, "swapping" that energy for more air rank.

If you decide for the first strategy, to be self-sufficient in food production, you also will earn 2 XP for each company you work as a manager, which is good as we want to level up fast and reach level 101, 201 and so on (see Missions and Level Up).

Training Camps

What I suggest, for those who do not have the training grounds at the maximum and want to focus on air battles, is that you aim to have the training grounds at their max when you reach level 201. So, upgrade them whenever their price is reduced, but try to have them maxed when you reach level 201.

The reason for this is because for every 250 strength that you gain you get a Super Soldier medal along with 5 gold for the effort, and if you have all the training camps you will gain 90 strength per day, which means 5 gold in your account every 3 days.

But as long as you have to renew the training contract on a monthly basis, this is a loss, meaning the gold you earn is not enough to renew the training contract.

That’s why I recommend you to have them maxed at level 201. Why? Simple. Because from this level on you don’t need to buy training contract anymore. Daily training is now free, so it is no longer necessary to purchase training contracts. So, this investment you made in these training grounds is easily recovered with the 5 gold they will give you every 3 days, that is, each time you win a Super Soldier (SS) medal.

Sky Hero

Sky Hero is a medal awarded to the airman with the most damage given in an air battle and provides him with 30 gold.

To win a Sky Hero it is recommended that you enter the air round in the first few seconds and make a minimum damage of 70k. During events, especially if there are stingers out there, a minimum of 100k damage is recommended.

Keep an eye to not disturb Training Wars (TW’s), try to check who has to win and keep the bar accordingly.

You can use a script (Battleye) to check who hit first at the battlefield.

If you fight against a country with the Natural Enemy bonus to get more 10% damage dealt, but they will not count for rank points gained.

There are busier hours and calmer hours to get SH's, depending on each different time zones, but with some effort and attention you can find your best time to go for SH's.


It shouldn’t be necessary to mention but unfortunately there are many situations in which players who start hitting the battle first, especially those with low air rank, are not respected.

Earn your place in these battles, respect earns respect. Respect the one who hit the battle first and avoid getting into direct confrontation for a SH (SH fights) as this fight usually cause great loss.

Missions and Level Up

A very important goal for an airman is to reach level 101 where the reward is:

Congratulations! You are an Elite Citizen now. This gives you 10% more damage. This 10% damage you gain will be extremely useful to start collecting Sky Hero medals.

In addition, more damage is more rank.

Once you achieve this goal, the hard journey towards level 201 begins, and this is probably the most rewarding of all, as from here, as we mentioned above, your training will be free forever!

And that means earning 5 gold every 3 days,assuming you managed to get your training grounds to their max. Is it worth it or not?

Achieving this goal, you immediately set another goal, reaching level 301 (I just achieved this!!!), which brings a permanent +200 energy center, in addition to the 300 energy bars and one pack (Assault Pack) for 30 days.

Level 401 also brings a fantastic reward, another permanent energy center, this on adds +300 to your energy pool. It also gives you 400 bars and a Power Pack for 30 days.

After this, every 100 level the reward is the level number in bars and gold, for example at level 500, you receive 500 energy bars and 500 gold.

Level Up

Do you have full energy and a level up on the way? Why not go for a SH?

Even if you don’t use packs, you can try a SH medal every time you have a level up on the way. There are many scripts that help you see how many hits are left for level up, for example CB, Epicfighter, Stuff ++ and Battleye.

With full energy and a level up on the way it’s a good opportunity to go and score a SH.

You can also try to take advantage of the NE bonus to do more damage if you choose a campaign against that country.

Mercenary and Freedom Fighter Medals

I refer to these two medals for a simple reason, they are easy to obtain and do not require much work, just a little attention. I will explain the “method” I used when I started air battles, even before I started to buy pack I was careful to see where I would spend my ff's.

To get the first The Freedom Fighter medal you need to defeat 25 opponents in three successful resistance wars. After completing these 25 kills in 3 different RWs and releasing these regions, you receive the medal. Next time it will have to be 50 kills in 3 RW's and later 75 kills in 3 RW's. After these three medals, you go back to 25 kills this time in 4 RW's and so on until you reset after you have killed in 10 different regions (24 medals).

In other hand the Mercenary Medal is earned after defeating 25 opponents in 50 different countries.

My tip is to combine this effort and try to “kill two birds with one stone”, let’s see an example, you have ff's to discharge, look for an RW that has open air battle and already indicate by the score that it will be released and see if you have already made the 25 kills of the Mercenary Medal there, if you have not done, it is in this battle that you must spend your ff's.
There are several scripts that make this task a lot easier.

Each of these medals yields only 1,000 PTE's, not much but better than nothing. I agree that they are not the best of rewards, but it does not cost much and you can use the travel tickets you win in the Weekly Challenge, and earn some more medals in your profile.

Epic Battles

A good strategy for hunting SH’s and to evolve quickly is to gain a decent regen at the Week Change by participating in Tuesday's epic .

It is the only day that you as an aviator should fight in land battles. I personally try to get 6,500 prestige points and I usually invest between 200 and 250 energy bars to achieve that, but I end up with "profit" at the end of the week on the amount of energy bars as I recover those bars by earning prestige points. But each case is different because it also depends on the packs you have, but there are several tools that allow you to calculate the situation that best suits your case.

If you are from the lowest divisions you should have no trouble finding epics to fight, if you are from division IV epic battles are rarer but normally you can find one or two on Tuesdays.


The most important packs for an airman are, in our opinion, the Power Pack and the Blitzkrieg Pack. These two combined packs already allow you to hunt 2 to 4 SH's per day, depending on the rank of each and whether or not you catch a level up.

The Power Pack:

This pack is probably the most important in the game, as it offers a +20 regen every 6 minutes, allowing you to recover energy much faster and thus fight much more, and consequently level up faster.

In addition to this, and the gold and energy bars, it also comes with a 30 day +200 power center, which is also useful.

Blitzkrieg Pack

The Blitzkrieg Pack also brings with it fundamental advantages for an airman.

The most important is obviously the +2000 power center for 30 days. This coupled with a Power Pack is essential to start the hunt for Sky Hero's medals.

With this advantage, combined with the advantages of a Power Pack and managing well the level up's, you can do 2 to 4 SH's per day.

In addition to gold and energy bars, this pack also features 15 damage accelerators that are also useful if you want to quickly discharge your damage at the start of the battle.

Optional Packs

Maverick Pack

The Maverick Pack has two good advantages for an aviator, the +600 energy center, obviously very useful, and the ability to change divisions is also very convenient at the Week Change, to go to lower divisions on Tuesday and follow the strategy explained above in the Epics tab.

War Stash

It is obviously optional, but for those who can afford to buy War Stash as well, it is especially useful for the extra + 10% rank bonus, which allows you to get your air rank up faster.

Combat Stash

Lastly, I highlight the Combat Stash only for the + 10% extra gold for each medal won. At a later stage, with a good air rank where you make 2 to 4 SH's a day, you earn more extra gold on our account.


Be especially alert to events, usually are excellent opportunities to evolve our account.

As far as airmen are concerned, we have the promos that sell the stingers, each has 3 “shots” of 1,000 damage in an air battle. They are very good for rank development, so having some gold in the account to buy these baby’s on promos is always helpful.

To the damage of these guys is added 10% of being elite citizens and 10% if they enjoy the NE bonus (although this does not count towards your rank).

Triple bars are also a very good option to merge with the stingers and cash out some SH's and above all to rank faster.


Using scripts is also an advantage, there are several that are used by most players, such as Battleye which lets you see who hit first in battle.

The CB is a bit heavier but has a free version, Epic Fighter and Stuff ++, are good options for setting up the bot to fight on air and not waste any energy on land battles.

That’s all, thank you for reading. Feel free to add a comment or a suggestion if you think we missed something.

The Commanders,

Miguel Soprano