So long and thanks for all the fish

Day 4,296, 12:06 Published in Romania Switzerland by dan quijote

This is my good bye. At least for now.

Some time ago I tried to buy a pack with CC from another player. He stole my money. I contacted the admins and they told it is my fault because I did not buy tokens from the market. After that, it is not fun anymore to be here. Besides, until now I saw the packs as a way to keep the game alive, but when the admins side with a scammer, I do not feel like giving them any more money either directly or indirectly.

It has been fun. On the political module, I was CP once, member of the government a few times, congressman a few times. On the economical, I invested more than 10k gold in companies, using more than 300 employees a day and producing food, houses and q7 weapons. I started too late to have a good strength, but I still got a few BH and SH.

And I also enjoyed the media module. I wrote about stuff I was thinking about and got some nice feedback from the community. By the way, for those who don´t understand the title, it is a common salute in the SF community. It is from a funny SF book by Adam Douglas. A very advanced civilization wanted the answer to the most fundamental question. The question to end all questions, the question which makes everything clear. So they built a huge computer, programmed it and had to wait for a million years for the results. A million years later, the computer had the Answer. It was 42. Nobody understood anything. How can this be? What does it mead? So the computer explaine😛 this is the correct answer all wright. The problem is that they do not know the question! So, they need to built another computer much more powerful to compute the question. After that, everything will be clear. So, this advanced civilization builds this second computer: the human civilization on Earth. But humans were not the smartest animal on planet earth. It was actually third, after the mice and the dolphins. Oki, so the computer/Earth is built and it needs to run its program for millions of years. When it is about to finish, the Vogons (another alien civilization) decide to demolish Earth in order to build a highway through there. Humans do not see this coming, but dolphins do. And dolphins leave planet Earth before its destruction. And before leaving, they leave this message: So long and thanks for all the fish!