Keith and TUP hate WRP they are angry.

Day 4,296, 00:18 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Jeremy Corbyn

I'm so upset with my party the Trade Union Party aka TUP

In the space of 10 minutes I have had a couple of mails from WRP members very annoyed and angry with Keith Under the TUP Party and his puppet party that he just PTOed the Dead Rabbits, Keith thought he can fill the dead rabbits with TUP members and take more seats at congress for our party funded by the great Iain Keers,

His plan worked at the expense of the WRP party, Keith is useless at every thing even his election articles are old hat now.

It looks like his been knocked down a few pegs today all his own fault,trying to mess around with people parties and thinking his ever so powerful.

Well someone in the other party is much smarter than him that is plain to see as his been out moved today.

I blame the WRP on the current President the speaker and our own Keith Under,and another PTO Mr Wood in my pants, what a bunch of unemployed waste of space.

Poor WRP
Shameful to everyone who moved to Dead Rabbits stop being sheep shame on you.

It is time Keith resigned from being PP the guy has failed us,and the blind did what he said , just like German people did once.

Resign Keith
Trade Union Party