About eNigeria and all tw's

Day 4,294, 14:40 Published in Nigeria Nigeria by Nigerian National Bank

Hello Nigerians and eNigerians.

Your Queen, CP and all government of this beautiful country Nigeria wanted to inform all of you about our tw's.

So we will start with our tw with Brazil.

We have deal with eBrazil to have ping-pong tw. So when eBrazil attack us in South West State than we must win the battle. When We attack eBrazil in Brazilian core (region) we must loose that battle. Every day we have min 1 battle with Brazil.
EDIT: South West State must be free all time.

Our 2nd tw is with Uruguay.

With Uruguay we have same ping-pong tw like with Brazil. Same region and same situations.
We win when Uruguay attack us and we loose when we attack Uruguay.

3 tw partner is France.

About our tw with this country we have other situation.
France allow us to have tw in their core regions and give us 3 regions for tw.
We are very grateful to them for this opportunity.
About this tw we must inform you that this is not ping-pong. So this tw is with direct attack when Nigeria must win, and rw who French people have chance to support rw first and also France must win in this rw.

Edited : Do not support rw in France if we dont inform you on our wall for that.

Next tw is with Estonia

We give opportunity to Estonia to have tw in our original core regions.
We give to them 3 regions. Estonia must win in direct battles and we must win in our rw's. Nigerian people have chance to support rw but every day after 01:00 erep time. So please dont support before that time.

Next is our neighbors Argentina

The same situation like Estonia. We have tw in ours core regions with rw and direct attack.
Direct attack we must loose and in rw we must win.

6th tw partner is Israel

Israel is giving us 2 tw's in their cores. We have 1 region and both ping-pong tw's.
First is with Israel.
When Israel attack us, then we will win, and when we attack Israel than we must loose.

Other tw in Israel core is with Cuba

Big thanks to Israel who give us opportunity to have tw with Cuba in Israel region.
Same like with Israel we have ping-pong with Cuba too. When we attack Cuba than Cuba must win, and when they attack us we must win.

We have deal with Israel and France to make donation every 7 days because we must return all taxes to them.

Also Argentina and Estonia must return our taxes to us.

Big thanks to Brazil, Uruguay, France, Estonia, Argentina, Israel and Cuba who helping us to have wonderful tw's.

Please read orders every day on our wall.

Big hugs from yours queen and CP

Tasha the Queen

And yours government