[CP] Day 14 - Statement on Scammers and PTOers

Day 4,291, 05:28 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by 10 Downing Street

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Good afternoon lads o/,

Unfortunately our little community has come under the international spotlight for all the wrong reasons (again).

Rather hard to miss but yes, the return of notorious confidence scammer ‘Lyla Rothschild’ has caused a bit of alarm overseas - particularly when they joined the RAF (my unit). Some foreign commentators seem to think Gov is in on the gag.

Absolutely. We now rival the Swiss in hoarded nazi gold. And, in all honesty, if you were daft enough to be scammed by that caliber of idiot then you absolutely deserve it

Seriously though, for whatever reason the admins have decided I can’t kick him out for 2 days after they’ve joined. You have my word I thoroughly look forward to it.

As for how they got here in the first place - some may be familiar with Ajay Bruno, whose resident multi here in the eUK is part of a greater faction of village idiots we’re mid-efforts in stamping out.

If there are some of you, preferably with a brain, interested in helping us on this do drop me a message. Our dysfunctional community remains open to the non-malicious…

Upcoming ATO

From the eRep wiki:

'The parties that are in top 5 on every 25th of the month at 00:00 will be the ones able to have Congress candidates.

If a country loses or gains regions between 23rd 02:00 and 27th 00:00, the number of congress seats will not be modified.

A country will have a congress if they have at least a region on every month on 23rd 02:00 and 25th 00:00 and 27th 00:00'

If we trust the above, we should theoretically be able to secure a wipe and delete mongress on the 27th even if we fail to secure our top 5 in time for the election. It’s extremely important to make sure we lose our battles if this is the case.

The next few days will be critical - you will need to discuss with your PP whether you are either running in the election, or are free to change parties where needed. WRP are already in need of shoring up if any of you care to join me there!

A random reminder we have a general discord server that’s infinitely more active than our national wall - https://discord.gg/X73Mxfg

Cheers gents, keep an eye on your messages o7