We are united

Day 4,288, 17:52 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by tef1

It is with the highest honor TNS announces that the people of eSwitzerland are now united. The black scar that was blocking us from progress - that was the witch hunt is now declared mute and over with.


It is not me who declared the witch hunt over. It is the most honorable giant Uncle Rican. Evidence just in case you doubt the greatest clown to ever grace eSwitzerland.


So thank you UNCLE RICAN.

This is in part thanks to Horatio, who was and I still consider him to be a giant of our land on his own rights.

Another giant also deserves our thanks. That is of course our CP - Whom I believe will go down as the greatest we ever had. Thank you Chris. He worked behind the scenes for the peace treaty and justice for Tef1 and a grateful nation honors him for his service.

Some of you who saw an article from TNS maybe were expecting some kind of other news. Sorry to disappoint you, but not today. But, lit articles are in coming now the witch hunt is now officially dead. RIP Divisiveness and hello unity. Also, I know the author is a clown, but do expect serious discussion in the near future. Dont judge a book by its cover everyone.

Tef1 - A patriot who won justice.