(BEP) British Empire Party

Day 4,288, 02:25 Published in United Kingdom Argentina by Sir Nigel Farage

The time has come to crush the left.

Parting shot to PCP they are stagnant and wouldn't give me a voice. Removing my shouts from the feed,bad form.
So I'm now president of the newly formed British Empire Party. Please ioin lots of stuff is going to happen here.
I'm counting down to Brexit and hope the clown can deliver. If my party makes it to congress I forbid members giving away passes to Jonny Foreigner.

I will be a voice for all the British Farmers seeing our bonuses ping pong around. This is unhealthy for stable farming.


Party positions now available.

Nigel invites all to join my Empire.

Higher wages to party members working for my empire I'm creating.

Low cost housing to all of my members.

Let's grow the empire,under the empire we will use the country's wealth to buy tokens and give one lucky person from our country a FREE power pack.

Radical vision stay with us for more good stuff.

Join me and the Empire Party today.