[CP] Day X - Their problem

Day 4,287, 11:13 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by 10 Downing Street
Support for Gov policy has spread as far as Hong Kong

Good evening gents o/,

A dram of Talisker to all PPs elected this cycle - battle honours to Woldy recapturing our airy fairy blast from the past that is ESO!

Depending on whether we have the confidence to secure the top 5 for the upcoming Mongressionals we could secure an all ATO-list and make a wipe unnecessary.

I will table the debate after publishing this and let ‘Ludgate’s Message’, which is more or less mongress, kick the topic about. Gov will then discuss arrangements with Chile/Turkey.

Whether we can question the strategic value of taking the PTO’ers PPship away from them it sends a clear enough message that the sods aren’t welcome or tolerated.

So it’s back on with the first round for us. It’s tempting to get complacent for the second given their recent performance against HM...



The eUK is now a world leader in irony exports after Big Grindr threw his toys out the pram and fired up our celebrated f*** off Appleby gun

In a surprising move, even UKPP appeared to defend my 8th demonstration of masterly inactivity and general uselessness…

No doubt public confidence in the government’s sod all manifesto commitments remain on a high, and cabinet will interpret accordingly.

International Relations

Pretty grim mate

Financial Irresponsibility

You may have noticed an increase in activity on the national feed by the MoF. You’re reminded in general not to trust a word the b*****r says

Gov will not refund as idiots and foreigners are fair game.

As a reminder, there is a moderately legitimate Trust fund operated by our actual finance bloke Huey. Currently 7 citizens have invested £463,736.93 into the fund.

Have a good weekend lads! I fully intend to after a general nightmare of a week...

Appleby o7

Sorry former dead rabbits!