swiss news: bringing old swiss orgs+links back to life!

Day 4,285, 16:43 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by chris jonadicus

Dear swiss people and friends, hello!
Today, as i've been reading old articles +news about our old heroic years of e-switzerland,
i've suddenly stumbled into mungos032's epic post about the ''university of switzerland'', an old organization that tried to revive, to educate and to help new+old swiss players everywhere in the e-world, regardless of their skillset or levels...

In this little treasure of information, i've found some old pieces of e-switzerland, which i shall link below:

first of all, the ''university of switzerland'' itself:

then, we have the link to the old swiss ''Federal Department of Education Newspaper'', with link:

and here:

while in the useful links of the old switzerland, we also have, the old swiss forums:

and our old iirc for the e-swiss channel/server inside this list of linkz:
(listed as the ''eSwiss Community IRC channel'').

upon reaching this great discovery, i shall try to do the things below:

-i will try to revive our old ''Federal Department of Education'' organization, and its subsequent newspaper, which provided information to switzerland from day 835(!), up to day 3,774.

-i will try to revive our old swiss forums, as duty demands from me to keep our old pages+archives protected, updated and active, if its possible, ofcourse.

-i will enchance the roles of our ministry of education, through new initatives (only if they will get approved by our congress, ofcourse), and i shall give the keys/use of the ''Federal Department of Education'' organization, to each new MoED, with the condition that they will protect switzerland first and foremost, in all occasions.

so yeah, treasure hunting down memory lane does pay off!
read, vote, comment, and endorse my newspaper, but also please tell me your opinions about those epic, old finds.

PS: we should also form an official e-swiss discord channel which would be administered by old players such as me and rican, but i shall discuss this further with other people before i make the final arrangements.

have a nice day!

-chris jonadicus, swiss CP and reformer of old orgs.