Thank for this oportunity: Minister of Education

Day 4,283, 12:46 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by Rockerul

Hi there! I want to thank chris jonadicus for the opportunity to be Minister of Education. Also I want to thank my friends who helped me along my path in eRepublik, Master Rican, and the friend who told me to come in this beutifull country, dan quijote.
As the Minister of Education I will try to do my best, try to keep the citizens united and to bring more active players in our country. I still need all your support, I am still new, I am still learning the game so don't take me to hard 😃.
So, I ask for any of you to work hard, fight hard to bring our beautiful country in top.

I thank you all and I wish you good luck in anything you do in game and outside the game.