The candidate for CP of eMexico gave an Interview!

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Hello everyone, eMexico going to vote at a few days for a new CP i decide to make an interview with one of the leading presidential candidate - Andres77778, i going to ask him about his agenda and what he going to do as the new CP of eMexico if he will win the elections.
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1. Hello to Andres77778, The candidate for the CP of eMexico thank you so much for agree to make this interview with me, but before we start would you agree to introduce yourself first?

Of course. My name is Andres77778. I am a candidate for president of Mexico in August 2019 by the PNM, PPS and PCI. I have been twice president of Mexico, twelve times congressman, four times president of congress and I have been in the presidential cabinet as a member and as minister on several occasions.

2. Why did you decide to run for CP?

Because I love this community and I think we can have a better country. Many of the people I speak with have lost their hopes and tell you that this community is dead and that nothing can be done but that is not true. Returning the illusion to people and reviving this community is possible.

3. Can you tell us about your offers for the citizens of eMexico and why they should vote for you?

Of course. First of all say that I always upload an article stating all my
proposals and the cabinet proposal and you can see it here:
The biggest and main problem currently in Mexico is inactivity. We have a great community. We must make Mexico more known to the whole new world, that people discover the great community that we are and come to it. We have to make the current citizens of Mexico double-click and be active again. And we have to attract new players to Mexico, entering PC game policy forums. To end this problem I propose to create the "Ministry of Tourism", dedicated exclusively to solve this problem. In addition to ending this problem, we must help entrepreneurs by offering state grants and loans to improve the economy. Make journalistic contests. And create manuals and own dictionaries for new players.
In summary I ask for the vote of the citizens of Mexico to be able to take the change to the country and end the inactivity. Let's fight together for a better country.

4. What will you do differently than the previous government?

Many different things. To begin, I assure and guarantee total and real transparency. Absolute transparency in the economy and in politics.
He would also dedicate exclusive secretariats to important areas of the country. Apart from the Ministry of Tourism we would have the Ministry of Social Development, the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare and the Secretariat of Citizen Transparency, among many others. I propose a capable, professional and spacious cabinet made up of 12 people. In this way there is no area left unattended.

5. What will be your hardest challenges at this term?

The great inactivity there is and ensuring that we will always rule for all. It may seem silly but some governments do not usually govern for everyone but do so for one party. I promise to be the president of all. We must also work in all areas, including the military, plus TWs with allied countries outside of Mexico.

6. What will be the first thing you want to change?

The way of doing things. Many bank transactions are currently made and not communicated to citizens, this is intolerable. We must always inform citizens, especially if it is public money. There must always be total and real transparency. And then, immediately take urgent action to end the inactivity.

7. Tell us about eMexico economy and how you are going to improve it?

Good. Currently the economy of Mexico is good. We can't complain about that, but it can be improved. For a long time some entrepreneurs have demanded a system of state loans to invest and improve their businesses, this should be made possible in addition to granting subsidies. It is the responsibility of the new Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare.

8. Tell about the military power of eMexico the country you wish to lead and tell us how you are going to improve it?

Many of our players are 2 clicks away. But with the TWs many fight and in the military aspect if there are more active.
However, we don't have much power. In case of attack from a strong country we would need help from our allies.

9. You are here since Nov 13, 2016, how do you sum up your experience so far?

Positive. From the first day I am in love with the game and the community of Mexico. The state in many political positions. I started from the bottom and went up. He was lucky to learn from the best like 4NG3L, Chaniry and Evans, among others. I could also do a lot of journalism, to which I wish to return in September.

10. What do you think is the biggest problem of eWorld those days and if the community can fix it?

Sincerely I have been very focused on Mexico for a long time but you are always aware of the outside of course. I think it is clear that many people are going to a different game and that every time in general they are less.

11. If you could change or add ANYTHING to this game tell us 1 things you were pick to change/add and why?

I've been claiming with others for a long time in the "Discord". The creation of the Town Halls. I think it could help many to revive the game in general. In addition to adding more military and business functions.

12. Before we end, do you have any message to our readers?

Yes It is up to us that the real change comes to eMéxico, that we can reactivate the community and improve the country.
A better country is possible.

Thank you so much for ur cooperation Andres77778, thank you for accept this interview, i wish u the best of luck wherever you will go my friend.
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