Paper 2, Maybe we could work on this...

Day 4,264, 09:53 Published in United Kingdom Argentina by Smallman

Another week gone so another quick article to make sure your on your toes and maybe have a laugh. You can't always be serious.

This time you'll see the answers in next weeks paper, so no cheating 😛

Question: Replace the question mark with the correct number.
At first glance, it feels like these numbers have nothing in common, but there is a pattern.
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Question: There are six haystacks in one corner, a third as many in another corner, four times as many in a third corner, and eight in the fourth corner. While throwing the hay into a single pile in the center of his field, the farmer accidentally let one of the stacks fall to the floor and scatter everywhere. How many haystacks did the farmer end up with?

Meme's, but a video this time!