For you (poem by GeneriQ, EN translation)

Day 4,261, 09:29 Published in Croatia Croatia by Rabbit of Caerbannog

Dear all,

I've read today poem by one Croatian player, GeneriQ, and read it again and again.
I asked if I can translate for him to publish, but he gave me the honour to publish it in my newspapers.
Original in Cro language can be found here:

And here is my translation, I hope I managed to capture it with all feelings and pictures from original version.

For you
By GeneriQ

You wanted me to write a poem for you,
And I wrote it.
You wanted me to talk to you,
And I talked.
You wanted me to sleep next to you,
And I slept.
You loved me for one day,
I fell in love with you and love you forever.

Tell me, do you in the morning,
Before you touch the sky with your fingers,
Tell me, do you keep your dreams below the pillow for just a little more,
Those few moments, knowing,
That those might be the best in that day.

Tell me, do you remember,
When I brought verses to your life,
And tricked you, painted you with golden bright,
One quiet night,
When I put my soul to your palm,
Before you went away..

Tell me,
Did you ever love spring
And a coat on the road,
Bird that brings fairy tales,
And a whisper of the picture on the table,
Memories hidden under the blanket,
And a cup of tea.

And sky, sky high above,
Brightness in the smell of the trees,
And nights that are even more silent,
Or when I cover your face with a dome of shadows
And fool myself that you can't run.

Did you cherish when I would finally caught you,
And lay you down to the ground
To laugh to your stories,
Until our nights switch with days.

When I leave, will the wind still be cold,
And will mother still make my bed,
Will you forget me,
And live like I never wrote.

If then, by some chance you put your eyes up,
And brightness from stars fill up the sky,
That's me, dancing and running,
While trying to find my way home.

And don't be afraid of a smile below the clouds,
I just dropped by,
To look at you, un that same street,
That is turning off,
Faster than a candle.

In the years I lived next to you
I learned how to travel through those far corners of your lips,
And it is all right, that you, at the end,
Started to love life,
More than me.

And I loved you more than autumn,
And sad pines,
Butter on the bread,
And a caramel in my mouth.

If they ever ask you about me, be silent for that last time,
And say hi to me,
While I still write inside of you,
Those same verses,
Which we memorised together.

Dear GeneriQ,
Thank you again, it is truly an honour to translate and publish your poem in eng.