Another Slow News Day, 001

Day 4,259, 15:33 Published in Canada Canada by Thedillpickl

Hi kids!

Note: This may or may not become a semi regular continuing posting. It depends on if people make comments. Also depends on if I run out of material.

Everyone has their favorite song(s) and artist(s). Most people have a playlist, previously called "mixtapes". Bonus points if you still have some 8-tracks. Great fun to grab some tapes, the ol' boombox and head for the beach, lake, river, during Summer Vacation.

This is my attempt to recall those songs from the 60's, 70's and 80's that were different but every bit as much a part of the culture. Might even throw in a drop dead classic occasionally although it's not about the played to death Top 40.

Here's the link:

I got a freaky ol' lady name o' cocaine Katie,
who embroideries on my jeans.
I got my poor ol' grey haired daddy,
he's drivin' my limousine.