[ Media Mogul ] Give Away for MM Project #1

Day 4,258, 23:50 Published in Indonesia Indonesia by AG.Kroz

**English version**
I have a dream:

Yes, it is a simple wish: a Media Mogul Medal. I know I will never get it by writing articles. In fact I only write articles approx. each 1 months. So instead I hereby advertize a great giveaway.
In order to be eligible for these rewards, you have to do the following:
1.VOTE this article
2.SHOUT: " MM project with GREAT giveaway https://www.erepublik.com/id/main/newspaper/krozy-news-252061/1
3.SUBSCRIBE to my newspaper
4.COMMENT your vote number and your sub number like this "vote: X, sub: Y"

Every sub my newspaper will get 500 q1 food