[CYP AIR PROGRAM] Week 1 Report

Day 4,258, 09:02 Published in Cyprus Croatia by Cyprus Contributions

Today first payouts of Cyprus aircraft rank improvement program has been done, as announced on this article. Sorry about that three weeks passed from the first announcement. I wasn't able to make payouts because of the internal conflicts in Cyprus. My access to this org and money was revoked before the coup. Today, I have access to the collected money from the donations and this organization. Weekly reports will be published on this newspaper.

Based of our current supply system, the payout for the last week:

Influence of this week

The requirements are:

You have to be eCyprus citizen,
Your ground rank have to be under Legends,
You have to join OWLS Airforce military unit,
You have to apply (PM to me).

Commander of OWLS Air Force
Doctor Neo Cortex