An open letter to Zordacz

Day 4,257, 11:48 Published in India Pakistan by Anubis.3

Dear Zordacz,

Quite recently, you took the time out of your inestimably busy schedule to compose a very specific message to the Indian community

In that regard, I have a request. For me to be placed on that "blacklist". I'm not a congress member, but I nevertheless completely stand by the rest of Indians already on that list and I'm ready to be blackmarked and face whatever nebulous consequences that come with being a part of such a list.

While we're here, I would also like to talk about eIndia. We are a small and very tightly knit community. Every nation in the e-world has it's strengths. Some have a dozen XX Legends, others have bottomless pockets, yet others have regions of abundant resources. What we have is cooperation. Every Indian player looks out for each other and bats for his fellow player's interest, unhesitatingly. If it comes to pass that we need to stand up to the biggest power in the eWorld to backup one of our own, we will do it, without batting an eyelid. That is our core and most innate strength and the eWorld respects us for that.

Let me also tell you a small bit about my personal history. I started playing in December of 2013, and became the president of the country in April of 2018. It took me more than four years of patience to get there. I preferred to gain political office, only after I had gotten complete trust of the people around me, because being a leader is all about serving the people under you and that needs trust. Multiple times, you have recklessly run for political office, making attempts to get yourself elected despite being in the country for such a short period of time. It does not take a political science degree for anyone to deduce that your attempts are geared towards achieving personal profit, rather than for any national good.

In the past, multiple Indians have taken hits to their personal fortunes in the national interest. People have moved to other countries rather than stopping TWs, others have dropped a Billion damage in critical battles - damage that could have gotten them dozens of medals. Yet others have selflessly given away their resources to others in need. It's basic common sense, really - if the community prospers, everyone gains as well. From what I have observed, you believe it is more a case of the community existing to serve individuals. If that is the case, then eIndia is not the place for you and you will only experience disappointment here.

The way you got into our country is questionable in itself. Rather than making a polite request to the leaders of our country, you walked down a shady alley and alipped in the country through the backdoor. Your citizenship was accepted by a fraudulent member of congress, a member who already had a long history of greed and corruption. That action of yours alone raises more questions. As an internationally well-known citizen, why did you need to employ subterfuge inorder to get into our country? - To a casual observer, it paints a poor picture of your character, that you have considerable things to hide and sought to carry out activities inimical to the national interest, from the very beginning.

You made promises to abide by the existing rule of law and not to interefere in the political process. Now, seeing that you have made multiple active efforts to interfere with that and made threats against the instruments of law in our country, it does not come as a surprise that the law is coming down heavily on you today for your actions. It's how nations work and to claim it should do otherwise is an exercise in absurdity.

I would like to reiterate my request to be placed on that blacklist. For me and other eIndians, it's a badge of honor.

Yours Truly