A Special Kind of Community

Day 4,257, 05:45 Published in USA USA by TheePostman

Tell me something; how much mail can a dead Postman deliver?

When I first started this game I was frustrated with the disadvantages a new player has. I have stuck with it though. Not because I found a way to beat these disadvantages or because I say "f*$& it I will never be as strong as them".

No! I am staying and working hard because of the community. When I reach out with questions I get a plethora of answers and assistance. When I reach out I am taught and everybody does their best to help me. This game does not have to die. If a new player like me can find joy in this game then there are others out there that will too.

The answer is to inform them in how. Do not let them fight in ground battles. Assist them in purchasing their first house. And most importantly get them involved in the community.

For community is truly what makes this game enjoyable for us all.

Kind Regards,

Your Friendly Neighborhood Postman

P.S. Add me as a friend and comment please 🙂

P.P.S I would like to give a shoutout to shiloh13, President zRTx, T.J. Scott, Elmo the Great, hoss1965 and any others who have assisted me.