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Day 4,256, 04:56 Published in Indonesia Indonesia by MoFA Republic Of eIndonesia

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Update Agreement Training War eIndonesia - ePolandia





A. Parties to the Agreement
This Memorandum of Agreement is between eIndonesia and ePolandia. The two country shall be referred to collectively as the “Participating Country” in the Memorandum of Agreement.

B. Purpose of the Agreement
Trying to improve military and relationship between two parties, the parties to the agreement agree to conclude this Memorandum on Training War. The purpose of this Memorandum is to facilitate and to describe the Training War condition between the parties to the agreement.


A. Obligation
1. Both Countries must announce this agreement with the official country newspaper as a sign this agreement applies to both country.
2. Both countries must maintain and obey this agreement until this agreement ends.
3. Both countries must coordinate the party to follow this agreement.

B. Region
This Training War will have 1 type of region, just Core Region. Core region is where the Training War will be held mainly.
Core region includes Sulawesi and Maluku.

C. Duration of Training War
This agreement will start on 16 July 2019 (Day 4256) and will be ended on 16 August 2019 (Day 4287) with clause of being extended for 30 days later.

D. Technical Guideline
1. ePolandia will attack Sulawesi and stay there first
2. ePoland must win all the Direct Attack War in core region described at point B.
3. eIndonesia must win all the Resistence War in core region described at point B.
4. Direct Attack should be launched near to Auto Attack.

E. Payment of Training War
1. ePolandia must return the tax that goes into ePolandia treasury. An Invoice of payment amount must be included by eIndonesia. Tax Return must be paid, before the end of the month.
2. ePolandia must pay 90,000 cc for Training Fee to eIndonesia every month, the 3rd day of the month.
3. ePolandia can’t attack Java, Sumatra, LSI, Kalimantan and Papua at any circumtences.
4. ePolandia can’t attack Tasmania region in Australia at any circumtences.


A. Punishment
In a situation where one of the parties does not carry out the agreement, the guilty party will be charged a fine of 100.000 cc apart from the Training War fee and must be paid to the injured party no later than 7 days after the monthly payment.

B. Updates to the agreement
Updates will take place after both of Country President or Minister of Foreign Affair agree to update the agreement by attaching an addendum document or revising this agreement.

C. Termination of the agreement
Termination of the agreement can be done if both parties agree and announce with official country newspaper that this agreement was ends.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties here to have executed this MOU on the 16th day of July, 2019 (Day 4256).


eIndonesia Country President
July – August 2019

eIndonesia Prime Minister & eIndonesia Minister of Defence

ePolandia Side

ePolandia Country President
July – August 2019

ePolandia Minister of Foreign Affairs

ePolandia Minister of Defence