Day 4,255, 19:54 Published in United Kingdom Switzerland by Patrick James Anderson

There are many things that make Britain unique which transfer over (in my opinion) to eBritain. The loyalty being chief among them. There are several instances that make me think so.
Upon being introduced to eRepublik, I needed to choose a political party. In the eUK, there isn't a lot of choice really, but I decided to become a member of the PCP (People's Communist Party), as the thought of Britain being run by communists was just too funny to pass up. Since joining the party and doing a little bit of research, I was shocked by how much the party has fallen from its peak. However, even still, loyal party members remain. Instead of trying to form their own party out of a desire to be the top dog, or simply joining a party which has a chance at presidency, some stuck around in the old party. While one of the last messages written in the party channel was a call to abandon the party in order to preserve its legacy, the loyalty to the party was stronger than the arguments levied against the users attempting to bring the party back to its former glory.

Another, is the country itself. While at the time of writing this article we hold no territory, Just days ago we had made strides in taking our land back from the occupying forces. Even though Scotland and Yorkshire were captured by Argentina, the fact that for a while, we had lands that we could call ours led me to strive towards making the eUK a better place. No more skipping daily training because I forgot; I will do my best as an eCitizen to recapture the glory of the British Empire in digital form.

Finally, the loyalty of individual citizens has somewhat surprised me. As a new citizen, I am trying to work every day. When I found that my employer couldn't pay me, I was a tad peeved. This was especially annoying as my companies were in an Argentinian territory, and as we were at war with them, I couldn't work.
Upon my return on another day, I was met with a gift from my employer. They had given me a gift of about 3 gold as if to say 'sorry for the inconvenience of not being to work my dude'. How British.

All I can say, is that as long as these are not isolated incidents, I believe there is hope for the eUK. The people of our eCountry are loyal and hard-working. While we may be in dire straits currently, the eBrits will come through in the end.

-Patrick James Anderson.