A Sad good bye

Day 4,253, 18:05 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by tef1

TNS has a very unexpected news to report to you all. Sheldon the Mad Scientist announced that he is leaving the motherland. Here was his farewell address to the eNation.

after due consideration I have decided to leave e Switzerland, therefore I abdicate the throne. I'm going back to Croatia. Thank you for everything! I might return one day! Pro Helvetia Nostra o7"

TNS and the Prime Minister are "Obviously" known to be the best of friends. So this is a tragic news. Given the problem we have now with eArgentina and them not yet leaving Romandle, the fact that part of the cause of that tragedy is leaving is unfortunate.

Another best friend (Perhaps even to a greater extent)of TNS and our boss - Tef1 - the King of all jokes and dictator wannabe of eSwiss is of course President Emperor - I know this might shock everyone, but it is true. Anyways, given the sad news, it is the hope of TNS, that the honorable and legendary, promise-keeping hero eSwiss President Emperor will appoint an interim Prime Minister that is as honorable and competent as the current one as a better is too much to expect given the track record of the past two mandates.

TNS wishes all the best to our legendary hero Sheldon. We wish him all the best in his new home to be -- eCroatia. We are no doubt great allies with eCroatia and we are happy, the PM has chosen a great place for him. He is obviously always ALWAYS welcome to come back and we will welcome him back in ways he truly desrves.