swiss news: erepublik: facebook edition!

Day 4,253, 12:22 Published in Switzerland Switzerland by chris jonadicus

Dear friends and fellow swiss citizens, hello!

Well, yesterday, on day 4,252 on anno domine 2019, erepublic has decided to not just be like facebook in its style, but to BE facebook.
case and point:

yeah, and they've also added many cool emoticons/emoji's for each post/update in the ''news'' section, along with a set of reaction emoticons, ranging from happy/angry/in love/sad/surprised expressions, and the classic ''like'' emoticon, which is very important.

but there is ONE thing that erepublic added in its emoticon arsenal that surpasses facebook by a long shot.

do you know what it is?

its the ''dislike'' reaction/emoticon.

Facebook did a good job on adding more emoticons/expressions than just the ''like'' reaction (because we all complained about it in the past, and hey, who would even click ''like'' on a tragedy? it would be wrong.)

So, the new FB emoticons/expressions changed that and fixed almost everything in terms of discussion/expressions.

...except from the ''dislike'' button.

Facebook SHOULD have a ''dislike'' button as well, and it could easily by a thumbs-down reaction/emoticon.

But i guess that erepublik has pioneered on this one as well, and they've provided the ''like''-buttons perfect counter-part: the ''dislike'' button.

Now everyone will know if we hate/dislike or disagree with something in a friends/fellow players post, and its a reasonable thing to have/to show.

Soon, the website's social area will be fully integrated into a FB/twitter/instagram mixture, and things will get wild, but interesting.
people of erepublik: have fun, win battles, protect your e-countries, and above all:

dont forget to click like+to subscribe on my FB pa- errr, i mean on my newspaper!

and avoid the THOTS, because its: ''bros before h0##'s''. (or an acceptable alternate version could even be: ''bros before thots''.)

Anyway, let me know your thoughts on the latest emoticon/reaction images and the ''like-dislike'' addittions to the news/social section of the game!
i personally liked those changes, although i would like to see more: (easy, medium+hard) new quests in the game, space exploration (conquering regions in the moon, mars, jupiter and in other planets as well), adding new e-countries in the game, (mongolia, the papal state, san marino, andorra, monaco, kazakstan, and some more african countries as well).

OK, so have a nice day, and keep liking this cool game!
-chris j, swiss knight and FB amateur.