Article for 20 gold

Day 4,253, 05:35 Published in United Kingdom United Kingdom by Bosko Balaban

The UK president Sam Rhodes offered 20 gold who write an artile. I would like to accept this challange. I write artile. I am not PTOer. I fight for UK if my DO is there and fight more for Ukraine because the DO usually is there.

Today i read a hungarian article where i see good business to buy a q1 house. I bought a q1 house. This is good because i can work two times one day.
I have some food companies. I used again because i didn't used for a while.

Hungary have two bigger policital group. Demecrats and dictaturist. Hungary have many training wars but not enough tanks. Hungary launched an airstrike against Macedonia but the result will be disaster. Hungary stronger than UK still an avarage hungarian player unhappy as a UK player.
UK and Hungary have similar problem. No enough tanks. Here is an important problem.

UK need to recruit more tanks.
I see 2 solution.
1. Recruit foreigner tanks.
2. Search new UK players who can buy strong character.