[eRoC 外交部] TW between eSwizerland and eTaiwan (temporary treatment)

Day 4,249, 00:30 Published in Republic of China (Taiwan) Republic of China (Taiwan) by EROC MOFA

Hi everyone, this is MoFA of eRoC(Taiwan).

The Training war between eRoC and eSwitzerland was start after Day 4247 of the new world. And the TW would start in the territories of eSwitzerland.

After we discuss with eArgentina, it would be a temporarily agreement until eArgentina find the new TW partner.

There is treatment below:

1. eRoC(Taiwan) will conduct training war on these following regions: Graubenden and Svizzera Italiana. eRoC(Taiwan) will win the direct battles. eSwitzerland will win the Resistance wars.

2. eRoC(Taiwan) return the tax to eSwitzerland every Monday for the past 7 days. The money will be donated in eSwitzerland treasury.

3. eRoC(Taiwan) can not use their colonies in eSwitzerland to attack a neighbor, and will avoid using eSwitzerland regions for military actions against them.

4. The training war will go on for at least 30 days and will keep going until one of the two countries asks to stop.

5. This temporary treatment will be vaild until eArgentina and eSwitzerland stop the Training War and eArgentina leave eSwitzerland’s core.

President of eSwitzerland Emperor of Switzerland
President and MoFA of eRoC Fulva Papoulias

因此,外交部在此公告:我們將於Day 4247開始,在瑞士本土與瑞士進行訓練戰。



1. 訓練戰將在Graubenden和Svizzera Italiana進行。台灣贏得所有正面場,瑞士贏得所有起義場。

2. 每七天結算一次佔領地稅收,在星期一時還給瑞士的國庫。

3. 台灣不會以瑞士做為攻擊其他鄰居的據點。

4. 訓練戰會維持30天,且將自動延續直到雙方協議暫停為止。

5. 該暫時條約的效力將維持到瑞士與阿根廷正式結束訓練戰,並退出瑞士本土為止。

e瑞士總統 Emperor of Switzerland
e台灣總統兼外長 Fulva Papoulias

Fulva Papoulias