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Well how many people was ask to translate my article on english,this one i decided to write only at english,if be grammar mistake i dont care,cause am not wanna try pass exam on Harvard university.
After my ugly expirience with French lady i decide to go on with african girls and some philipina on Badoo site,belive sometime was hard even get reply from them and i didnt know reason why,my msg was always nice,never rude on.
I decided to change my writing way to them,and i start with one simply msg How Much.
OMG how many reply i get,and then i see whats going on there,from 10 girls 9 reply with price nad with time,that was shocking info for me,cause i didnt know that prostitution is on high level there.
My company was have 500 people,and that was a high number of people who wanna drink or drugs or sex and if you have time and if you wanna risk with your life you can get 3 times more money then is your salary with reseling drugs or alchohol.
In begining i didnt go to much in the clubs cause i didnt wanna waste my money there,it was very expenisive,but from stories i hear that in clubs are elite prostitution and that you need to pay 500 euro for girls,many of them was doing that and for one night they spend more then half of the salary,crazy people.
And those girl who offering on Badoo puting price around 150,so its big difference,and how many people dont know english there and they cant make conversation i see opurtunity there and chance to get some extra cash.
On badoo i found one girl who was have 3 friends with same business,and i make deal with them,that i will provide people for them and my protection they in return give me 30 procent,they easilly accept my offer and bussines can start,so i officially become pimp,something what is very risky and if police catch you,you not only go to jail,your life is in dangeraus.cause law there are very crazy.
After i make deal with them i was saying to people about them,how they good and cheap and all nice thing,i didnt say am pimp,cause that can make trouble for me also in my company,they can kick me out.
So deal was simpy,i was tell to my friend that those girls only trust me and that only me can make deal for them,so people was giving money to me plus they was paying taxi for them,and when they came ill bring them in they rooms,i give money to girls and left 30 procent to me.
One time i was have deal with 2 guys to bring for them 2 girls and we was work like usuall,at some point girls calling me and tell that same arabic guy follow them,i tell to them to stay where they are,ill pass by to see what happening.
They was infront mall and i decide to go inside to buy something,they call me again and say that guy is stil there and that i dont come to me,that i just go and they will follow me,cause those 2 gilrs never be in camp so they didnt know location.
After i go outside from mall i start to go home when suddenly some big vehicle brake infront me,that was that arabic guy.
He start to shout and say that he know who am I,and he call girls to come,he say he is from police and now he will call patrol to come and pick us,he ask our ID to take photo and to send to police to check,in the moment i was affriad and i give him same like those 2 girls,but when i come to myself i ask him to show me badge that he is policeman,when he refuse i raise up my voice to return me my ID,cause i was just in mall and its not legal annything i do.
But i was knew if he is police am in trouble cause they can easilly check my transcription on my phone with this girls,cause in doha if you wanna buy number you need to give them or passport or ID,so everyone are registered.
He gave me my ID and i went,girls was stay with him,when i come to my camp from entrance door i still see the mall but no see them,i call the girls and say go home,but they was need money and they say wait a bit,i go to my room change my clothes and go to the mall using other round,in my coming there i saw police car coming to the mall,i was affraid but i still go to the mall,go inside and buy something,girls was there,and guy with car parking infront building 50m away-luckily police was just passing pay.
So i go again to my camp,i see that car and see girls now again to him,i msg to her abort and go home,she say wait wait,wtf is she normal,we can go in Saudi.
So i go in my room and i was wait,after 15 minutes she call me and say,now is safe,i go to entrace door and i bring them inside,when i ask them what this guy want,they tell me he wanna have sex with them for free.
All those was there fault,cause they wear some tiger outfit like real prostitute,and i milion times tell them to wear normal clothes,nothing what put them on high level to be noticed,cause this area is Qatari area and other people dont live there,only housemaid,abd if they wear normal clothes people will think they housemaid and no issue,but they was stupid.
We was doing like this few more times until they decide they can do this without me in my camp,why to pay protection when they can alone,but they didnt know that i already before that found them on fb and copy list of their familly and friends same like french girl did to me,and if they start to trick me i can use against them.
When i told them that,that they not mess with me,they say to me sorry,and after 15 minutes they send me msg with hahahaha,they delete fb,omg they trick me,really.
I send them screenshot which i did long time ago and they was shocked,cause they didnt know am 2 step infront of them.
They tell me to forgot everthing and to do same like before,i say ok,no problem,we dont need to fight.
But in morning they go crazy and tell me that they report me to police that am pimp to them,they will be deported and i will go to jail.
I was knew that they wont do that cause doha was big money for them and they wont do it,but honestlly i didnt wanna take that risk,cause maybe they meed some policeman who is now pimp fpr them,and who can make my life like hell,cause i was small fish in doha.
After that they i cancle all relation to them and never see them again,maybe they was coming in my camp again but i dont know.

Uh its a long story but once time again i do crazy and and not punish for that,lucky me

So you now know what to do
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