15.06.2019 | Meeting of PERUN | Sofia, Bulgaria

Day 4,226, 12:17 Published in Bulgaria Nigeria by Scorrpius

Why I still play eRepublik?

The answer is here.....

I present you my teammates from PERUN!

Everything started around 18:00 at the restaurant.

From the left - Emrace, C n A p T a K, Windfall, Sasha Vladimirovna, IvailoSM, Georgi Vasilev, Emiliq Dimitrova, inaroni, lozarq and Mo0nShad0w.
Only our special guest NoFly11 isn't here. A quite busy at the Underworld!

NoFly11 and Mo0nShad0w

IvailoSM, Emiliq Dimitrova, Georgi Vasilev

Emiliq Dimitrova, Windfall, Sasha Vladimirovna

Georgi Vasilev, inaroni, lozarq

At the end of the evening Windfall was celebrating the selling of his account and decided to pay the bill.

........actually the real show has started after midnight at the nearest club Rock'n'Rolla!!!

......a karaoke night!

When PERUN strikes, smashes everything! Air Mafia on the stage!

Endgame - 06:00

To be continued!