POW's 10th Birthday

Day 4,226, 05:20 Published in Croatia Croatia by Dryblas

Never in my wildest dreams have I imagined I'll get the chance to write about our 10th anniversary, but yeah, here we are. Time flies, huh?

POW was created on 18th of June 2009 so technically we're 9 years old (10 in 2 days), but it's still a lot of time. A lot of time filled with working, training, fighting. A lot of time filled with adding small stones to a creation of this game's history. And - most importantly - a lot of time filled with creating and developing friendships, endless IRC conversations with amazing people from every corner of the world.

I could write long epithets about our battle, describe every minibattle, post dozens of screenshots, but what's the point? We won. I know it's cheesy as hell, but I think that the most important thing is that we all got together again, just like good old days. Our discord channel looked yesterday almost like the best days of this game in 2009-2010. So many people came, so many people resurrected their accounts (or not, but just were there with us). People that I haven't "seen" or heard from in long years. Each of us is now in a different place (metaphorically but also -at least some of us – physically) compared to the time we met 10 years ago. And we still got together, again. That’s awesome.

I would like to thank all POW members that joined us yesterday, all friends that joined us on discord and all people that fought in our battle – on both sides of the battlefield.

See you at 11th?

PS If you are interested in some screenshots, here’s a gallery - https://imgur.com/a/fWZjv6M
PS2 10 years and I still can not write English properly, I'm sorry.
PS3 Thank you Romper, it's been so much time and you still send us all gold for training, we appreciate it.
PS4 I'll probably complete 3 x 25 comments mission with this article, so thank you 😃