Day 4,217, 13:42 Published in Hungary Serbia by Voice of eHungary

Hello eWorld,

after the last elections finally the 2 year long governemnt (with short interruptions) of some people were overthrown and the "Repülősök Pártja" (Airmen's Party) nominated Vidi555 as president who won the presidental elections with 45% of the votes (2nd, Dr.ago14 got 35😵.

The losing side couldn't deal with this situtaion and they are starting dictatorship War. They can't get along that after years their arrogance to any other players except their own small circles led to their withdrawal from congress (the party nominating Dr.ago14 "KARD" get out of congress at the end of May) and an another, in their point of view opposing party, "Repülősök Pártja" (Airmen's Party) get into congress instead of them.

They also have stolen the national ORG with most of the CC the country eHungary owned (never gave access to the legal president to the national organisation).

Starter of military coup Dr.ago14 was the 2nd on presidental elections with total 35% of the votes.

eHungary is one of the very few last countries in this game where there are many dozens of simple player - players, who work, pay taxes, fight, but don't pay for the game and trying to get along day by day. This millitary coup is started because those so called "tank" players now trying to get everything under their control and trying to get rid of these simple players. They do not care for nothing just themselves, their TW-s, and they are trying to make eHungary a country with two dozen VISA players but noone else. Some of their proposals never made through the congress thank to those people who stand for the right of majority instead of a few - and the strong playerbase in eHungary made eHungary one of the very few countries in eWorld never facing a dicator. PLEASE HELP US TO KEEP THIS HABIT AND FIGHT FOR DEMOCRACY IN eHUNGARY!

Friends in Cyprus, friends in Ireland, friends in Turkey - and in so many CODE-countries - many friends I personally have there - some real foreigners and many eHungarians who left our country because of the arrogence of the government overhtrown yesterday - FIGHT FOR DEMOCRACY IN eHUNGARY.

Millitary Coup War could start at midnight GMT+1.

Please help us and FIGHT FOR DEMOCRACY!

After one year I made my MU to be open access to join the war:


Raab Donat
MoD of eHungary