|The Dumbledore

Day 4,211, 17:38 Published in Croatia Croatia by klek357

Once upon the time, there was this gray bearded dude, called Dumbledore. This is the short story about him. In different reality we know from J.K. Rowling.

This Dumbledore I am writing about has the same strength, power and his name is known, is almost the same as the one from the books. The main difference between these two is: one is protecting the younger wizards, and teaching them a trick or two, while the other one insults the younger ones. Just because they logged in few years after he did.

I admire the people who managed to play this game for straight 10 years... or 11... that is a lot of time, a lot of sacrifices to endure. Congrats to you all who did that. But don't become the Dumbledore of the second type even if it can be deserved sometimes.

If you are already that powerful, almighty, or notorious, be honest about it. If you bought an account, no one is having a problem with that. Keep the game on going. Help someone who is not as strong as you yet.

If you are going to play a bad Dumbledore, then don't be a pain in the *... Play your game, no one will care. Don't go around and scream on all the bells and doors how powerful you are. Because no one cares. Don't be a d* and insult someone because he/she/it(bot) 😃 is few hundred levels below you. Small people do that. Don't be small. Do a legacy good, and keep that account as strong as it could be.

But, there is always something else 😃 if you are a leg xx, playing your original account from 2008 or 09... you have my deepest respect. No matter what side you fight for. And there are only few of you. Such a rare sight to see these days.

All in all, if you are stronger then someone, don't bully them. That is pathetic. Don't be a bully, don't offend easily, because, all in all, we are here for the laughter. And to have a good time. So let's have it in this game, without blaming or provoking each other. Each of us has two types of Dumbledore inside and it's up to us to choose one.