[Slua] Lets Be Honest and Face The Truth

Day 4,206, 12:42 Published in Ireland Estonia by LarssonKaisa

The past number of years we have seen nothing but dominance by Asteria. The most noted period of their success, their membership was made up of China, Iran , Lithuania, Peru, Portugal, Serbia and Romania. During their tenure as the most dominant alliance, the eWorld was introduced new a new style of play which still remains heavily present today, farming. Under farming, countries sought to have as many proxy battles as possible in order to capitalise on Battle Hero gold. This gold would be traded in for Energy Bars and other items made available during promotional sales. Alternatively, this gold was converted into currency to be used to buy packs off a "VISA player".

Over the course of their dominance, strong nations such as Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) and Bulgaria formulated ties and the alliance Pacifica became increasingly submissive and less intrusive to Asteria's influence. The countries which now are members of the CODE alliance all were victims of Asteria and her allies. Many of our nations were forced into Training Wars in order to facilitate the farming gameplay which Asterian nations had inflicted upon the world. Our countries were on our knees and Asteria stood over us wielding a sword, ready to execute our communities should we step out of line.

We endured this defeat for over four years.

Since the emergence of CODE on April 1st and it's subsequent victories on the battlefield, many Asterians have voiced their disillusionment with the game, abuses of the rules and their absolute frustration with tactics that are operated by nations within CODE. The primary being the use of "bot armies", in particular those which reside in both the United States of America and Albania. Those who are anti-CODE attribute the outcome of their lost battles to the power of these bots and are of the impression that CODE has only won due to cheating. Whilst I can not deny the presence of bot armies, servers or account sharing in the CODE alliance, most notably over the past year, many of our opponents are all but too happy to deny the cheating which they have inflicted on our nations over the period of Asterian dominance.

In stating this lets break down some core Asterian nations mentioned above:

Serbia: Possesses a bot army, most notably used in air rounds

Romania: Possesses a bot army, most notably used in air rounds

China: Possesses a bot army, all equipped with packs

Slovenia: Possesses a bot army, all equipped with packs

Peru: Multiple accounts operated by one individual, falls short of bot army standard

In highlighting these armies, it is a known fact among many that they exist albeit some Asterians refuse to accept Serbia and Romania operate such schemes due to their bots' lack of packs (they are egg accounts). It is not possible for any rational eRepublik player to deny the existance of Slovenia and China's bots nor can one deny their knowledge of Peru's multiple account situation. In accepting the make-up of the armies, one is admitting to cheating on the Asterian side. Despite being aware of this cheating, individuals such as Mattrim Cauthorn and GOLDENNN were more than happy to stay quiet over their years of dominance and had no issue with cheating being used as a means to conquer the eWorld.

So in facing reality, one can state without doubt that Asterian nations created the first bot army and used it to their advantage. Only in the past year or so, has CODE nations begun to incorporate this Asterian tactic into their gameplay.

One must also note that Asteria was victories against CODE bots on numerous occasions. However their utter rage at this magnitude at the existence of CODE bots has only stemmed in the past few weeks when they have become the losers on the battlefield.

Before I fully veer off the subject of bots, multi's and account sharing - I wish to highlight the blatant hypocrisy of my good friend GOLDENNN and his Siamese twin GOLDENNN II (Some may remember him as Seki 1, Seki 2, Seki 3 or Seki 4). As the eWorld saw before he deleted his article, he stated that after speaking to Mattrim Cauthorn regarding the functionality of bots on a server, they in Rep. of Macedonia (FYROM) decided to establish their own system. In doing so, all of the used accounts were banned.


Go look at these accounts and you will see that they are multiple accounts that have existed for an extended period of time. Yet again another example of cheating by a pro-Asterian nation.

So what has gone wrong for Asteria and why have they fallen. Is it a matter of CODE operating a larger army of bots? Possibly?! but it must also be noted that Slovenia who has left Asteria and China who should be exiting shortly have in the past few weeks withdrawn the use of their bot armies for Asterian purposes. No longer were their heavily equipped bot armies providing nations such as Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria or Rep. of Macedonia (FYROM) support on the battlefield. The loss of this firepower seriously weakened Asteria, especially when they came up against large and packed forces such as Croatia, Greece and Turkey.

An additional loss to Asteria was the removal of Combat Orders. Combat Orders were instrumental in the feeding of Serbian bots. The use of scripts allowed Serbian bots to acquire currency which could be used to sustain their use. The sheer quantity of these bots was demonstrated in the epic battle of Colombia where the server collapsed and Combat Orders were removed due the high volume of third party scripts that were capitalising on this tactic.

A final nail in the coffin for Asteria has been the strengthening of CODE nations. Yes there has been the breaking of rules (Reiterating that I know there are CODE bots so please don't moan in the comments) although there has been notable areas of improvement in our organisation such as the creation of the Airforce Network as well as Telegram coordination channels that are available for all CODE+ANDES fighters and not just governments or tanks. Additionally the three CODE superpowers Croatia, Turkey and Greece all have ranked up their number of Legends at a faster pace than our Asterian counterparts over the past year.

In wrapping up this article I want to really hit home the key points of this article.

- Asterian nations created bot armies years ago

- Asterian nations have used these bot armies for years

- CODE nations have mimicked the use of bot armies

- CODE has become stronger on the battlefield and this has led to anti-CODE disgruntlement regarding in-game cheating.

- There is cheating on both sides.

- There has been cheating for years.

- The only difference between this week and 3 months ago is the reversal of who is the triumphant side.

Let's be honest and face the truth.