The most useless contest ends

Day 4,201, 14:51 Published in Latvia Latvia by AunsxOM


What started out as arguably the most useless contest ever quickly became the most depressing contest ever, but now, it has finally ended and the results are in! I would like to thank everyone who participated and/or supported it, the prize pool grew from 90 000cc to a whopping 400 000cc, which, if this was early 2014, could buy Power Packs for a whole village, but with recent tendencies in market prices, I am not sure that our winners will be able to buy 10 Q7 tanks with their earnings by the time this article is published.

Regarding content, I must say that I did not anticipate the sadness levels that were displayed there, but to be fair, I did not have any expectations about this, nor did I really care. Anyway, the 5 most voted comments receives 40k cc each, and 5 of my favorite comments also receives 40k cc each. And here they are.

Warbhoy, voter and my favorite

Bombay Bomb, voter and my favorite

Euea, voter favorite

Venedimos, voter and my favorite

Jonathan Wick, voter and my favorite

Alias12, my favorite

So… congratulations to everyone. For current or future presidents who want to get banned, New Citizen Message is the way to go, and if you don`t know what to write in that message, I hope this contest helped you, heck you can even put the link of the article there and maybe we can both get banned!

Thank you for your attention, and I guess I`ll see you next time when I`ll publish some useless garbage!

Best regards,
Minister of Useless Afairs