@Mattrim - II

Day 4,193, 01:36 Published in Bulgaria Turkey by Walpole

Hello my dear Enemybuddy,

I have something for you today. I don't hate you, I hate that whichwhat you represent.

As for the rest of nationalist nonsense you blew in your article, here is my response:

Wisdom is our armor. Knowledge is our shield. Determination is our sword.

Rest assured that my kind will always beat the shit out of your kind in this life and in the next.

Before you extrapolate my comments into hyperboles, allow me to clarify:

"My kind" or "your kind" has nothing to do with our respective ethnic identities.

What I meant by "my kind" is the people who can use their brains.

What I meant by "your kind" is mad dogs, drunkard fools and witless clowns.

Sooner your kind is put out to grass from this game, better it will be for eBg.

Consider yourself illuminated.

From eTr with Love,

Sayılmayız parmak ile,
Tükenmeyiz kırmak ile.
Taşramızdan sormak ile,
Kimse bilmez ahvalimiz.