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Day 4,155, 01:00 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Ministerie van Media en Recrui

Greetings citizens of the Netherlands,

this month, we had a lot of journalistic activity in Netherlands. Some of the activity was caused by government, some of it by Congress, and some of it by our regular citizens as well! And while not every article could be considered as "qualitative", and some of them could have done more harm than good, it is still good to recognize that Netherlands has become a journalistic empire. As I am writing this article, there have been 125 articles published during this term, which is three times as many as during previous month. Also, it means we had on approximate 4 articles per day. Even the most populous countries in eRepublik cannot often achieve that!

Therefore the decision to select the TOP3 articles has been... extremely difficult. To the point I was able to narrow the decision into some sort of TOP8, but could not progress further. However, a lot of these articles shared the same author...so instead of pinpointing individual articles, I have realized I will rather select the TOP3 authors, who positively contributed to our journalistic module.

On 3th place, we have NoTie112. While a lot of his articles are political, focused on promoting his party, he is trying to be impartial in them, and recommend good actions done by other parties as well. That's how politics should be done! There will be reward of 5.000 currency incoming for that!

On 2th place, a recent newcomer, someone with probably the oldest newspapers in this country - Doctor John Smith, the main face of editors from Actua Contra, who has managed to touch several interesting topics, while also bringing us some interesting news from other countries. I think I speak for the entire country, if I say we want to see more articles coming from the editors. In order to support them, they will receive reward of 7.500 currency!

And the 1st place goes to ElGorro! Excluding his work in Congress articles (which in itself would deserve a separate award... but it cannot be included in this program), his series of "Who am I" articles and his exploration of political neutrality has been valued by members of this government. 10.000 currency will be sent to him, to further motivate him in writing more amazing series of articles!

Thank you for reading!

Janty F
Minister of Home Affairs

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