OLEEE OLAAA PORTUGALIA - Winner of Haxball Cup

Day 4,153, 05:00 Published in Romania Romania by Clopoyaur
With over 6000 people in the stands (yes, that many people watched at one point the tournament), the Portuguese team formed from Yoradorc (didn't even knew he is the Porguese CP until I saw his profile), Thydan and OMAGAD were crowned as the champions of the first Clopoyaur Haxball Cup. Defeated but silver medalists after 3 thrilling matches Arca7, Pun1sher and Hitti-Litti are already making plans for the revenge-comback.

Here are the final standings, click on the image for the full view details of the competition:

The atmosphere was intense and crowded and all the 24 participants competed in a full spirit of fair-play.

MVP of the competition: Thydan
Best scorer: Darkman87 (10 goals)
Special prize of the fans: Arca7

Special thanks to the sponsors:
* Printsy - 1 Month of Pro subscription on Mixer
* Arca7 - 25.000 cc

Great premises for the 2nd edition and for more ideas. Feel free to leave your impressions and suggestions in the comments for the next event.

Until then, you are always invited to see my streams on Clopoyaur TV