[CP] Netherlands-Iran rental agreement (republish)

Day 4,139, 10:35 Published in Netherlands Netherlands by Het Catshuis

Greetings citizens of the Netherlands,

as promised earlier, we republish the rental concession with Iran (which was signed 209 days ago), due to the fact is has been renewed again after small pause by both Congresses due to the end of Iranian occupation.

1.eNetherlands agrees to let eIran to use 2 bonuses (Iron and Fish) located in region of Western Netherlands for the period of 1 month. After that the agreement can be renewed by agreement of both Governments.

2.The region of Western Netherlands should not be attacked by anyone (not even in any TW), and if an another country (except eNetherlands TW partner) attacks eNetherlands regions, eIran will set the defensive eNL battles as Prio 1 and will help to defend against the attack.

3. In case eNetherlands TW partner conquers the territory, the territory will be released as soon as possible, and the deal shall be renewed as soon as possible.

4. Iran agrees to pay a rent in amount of 100,000 currency per month in total for both resouces.

5. The GDP percentage money received from Iran via rental concession deal will be used to deduct the Iranian payment mentioned in the Art.4 (= Amount). In case the received GDP percentage money will be lower than the Amount, Iran will pay the remaining money via donation to the Treasury of eNetherlands. In case the received GDP percentage money will be higher than the Amount, the remaining GDP money will be returned to the Iranian treasury. The payment of Amount will be done atleast each 14 days.

6. Both the Ministry of Finance of eNetherlands and Ministry of Finace of Iran will be keeping necessary records for the calculation of Amount.


Janty F
Country President

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